Script Control in MediaShout 5.2




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    Tom Gerhard

    I'd love to be able to fire the first cue in another script.

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    Aaron West


    That's a great idea.  We will see if we can add it to the features of this tool!

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    Aaron West


    Technically, you can do this right now.  The Script Control can fire the first cue of the Cues Deck on the left and you can open any script in the Cues Deck.  That would be a way to do it right now until we get it implemented to fire cues in other script tabs.

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    Brian Osborne

    Bringing back this topic to ask a question.  What am I missing?  In v4.5 I was able to set up three controls as such and this would run our announcements in a loop prior to service with pre-music playing.  At 5 minutes prior, the music faded and the video countdown started.

    Script Control 1 - Play of announcement section

    Script Control 2 - Timed control to trigger sound control at 10:25am

    Sound Control - This would fade out pre-service music and then immediately fire the 5-minute countdown video.

    Jump to v5.2 and I'm still trying to figure out where to put the time trigger to start the 5 minute countdown.  I have our announcements loaded in the announcement deck and they loop just fine.  I've tried placing the time trigger for our countdown inside and outside the announcements and it never fires at 10:25.  We try to keep this automated so our booth personnel don't have to always be watching the clock to fire the countdown on time.  Any suggestions on where to put the cues so this can all continue to be automated?

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    Aaron West


    The missing piece may be that Script Controls can no longer fire Sound Controls.  What I would do is the following:

    Cue 1 - Script Control - Firing Audio Deck at 9:59

    Cue 2 - Script Control - Firing Announcement Deck at 10:00

    Cue 3 - Script Control - Firing Cue 4 at 10:25

    Cue 4 - Black Cue - Set to Advance Immediately (this stops my Announcements and moves immediately to the next cue).

    Cue 5 - Sound Control - Pause Audio to Fade over 5 sec. - Set to Advance Immediately

    Cue 6 - Count Down Video - Set to End of BG

    What this does is it stops my announcement loop, starts my countdown video and fades my pre-service music out all within a split second.  Check out a view of that here:

    Thanks and be blessed!

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