V3 Support and Last Update

Due to software, operating systems, and hardware updates, V3 has not officially been supported since September 1, 2011.  If you run into issues, we are still happy to help, but support for this version now requires a Plus Membership.

You are more than welcome to continue to use it, but please be aware of the following potential issues:

1) MediaShout V3.x was not designed to work on Windows 7 or later.  Although we have heard reports of users who have successfully been able to accomplish this, those reports are getting fewer and fewer.  Because we don't support it anymore, we will NOT be investing development into updates for it to work with Windows 7 or later.  Be aware that if you choose to install it on a Windows 7 or later machine, you understand the risk that any update from Microsoft to your Windows operating system may break MediaShout V3.x.  Unfortunately, if that happens, there isn't anything we can do to make it work for you.  Also be aware that pieces of the User Interface in MediaShout V3.x may disappear unexpectedly due to the way Windows 7 and later handles dialog boxes.

2) Later versions of PowerPoint (2010 and later) are also not supported within MediaShout V3.x.  Be aware that some PPT files will not play within MediaShout V3.x.

3) Since we haven't supported it since 2010, we no longer have the resources in-house to support the product. However, we do offer a paid support option. The cost is $25/15 minutes. Please call us to schedule an appointment.


All that said, we have had customers who have it working perfectly and then suddenly fail at the most inopportune time (i.e. Sunday morning).  As Sunday Morning volunteers ourselves, the last thing we want is to have this happen to you.  There is nothing we can do if this takes place.

If you choose to use V3.x and you need the updates, please download the zip file by clicking HERE. It contains the update to V3.5 and the last update released.

If you decide to continue to use it, we recommend installing from your disc, but do not open the software until you have installed the updates. Although we no longer troubleshoot or support V3, this will be the best chance of success.  If you have lost your disc, but still have your V3 serial number, you can order a replacement for $30+shipping.  To place an order, please call 866-857-1292 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm CST.  Installing from a new disc eliminates the need to install the updates.


Be aware that MediaShout 6 (our current version) has many updates and new features and is fully supported on Windows 7 and later.  Please call our team if you would like to move to MediaShout 6 as our team can help you through the process.