What Is a Site License?

What is a Site License?

A Site License allows the user to activate as many systems as they need for their ministries at one location.

Where can I use the Site License?

The license can be used to activate any computer of the same platform (Window and/or Mac) that is used for the ministries at the church. This includes the personal computers of staff and volunteers. If staff or volunteers are called to other ministries, any personal computers that were activated must be deactivated This ARTICLE will provide instructions.

Where can the Site License NOT be used?

You are not permitted to share the license with any other organization or person outside of your organization. This includes, but is not limited to other churches, missionaries or traveling ministries that the church may support.

Although a Site License allows for unlimited activations, as the term Site License implies, the license is for one site and cannot be shared with any other site or campus. If the church has multiple locations, each location needs to purchase their own licensed copy of the software. Putting it simply, if you do not share the parking lot, you cannot share the license.

The only exception to this rule is, if you share or rent out your sanctuary and computer with or to another organization.  Doing this is acceptable. However, that organization needs to purchase their own copy of the software for use on any other computer they may need to use.