MediaShout 7 (Windows) Change Log

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Build 7.3.3 (Build 63619) - August 13, 2021

NOTE: This build replaces b63617 which was released on August 11th. If you have previously installed that update, please uninstall that before installing this build. This update fixes issues which caused the new Duplicate Stanza feature to not work correctly and the Main and Stage text boxes to be linked. [If you don't know how to uninstall software, please visit this link for instructions: Uninstall or remove apps and programs in Windows 10  ]

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Time Trigger - Right-click on cue to program timed advance
  2. NEW FEATURE - Duplicate Stanza option to create a unique copy of an existing stanza
  3. NEW FEATURE - Previously opened files can be removed from the Welcome screen via right-click
  4. NEW FEATURE - Control screen now remembers changes made to the width of the left and right panes
  5. NEW FEATURE - Tip to remind user of the F2/F3 display controls appears during first script opening (5 second timeout or ESC to exit)
  6. IMPROVEMENT - Lyric stanza are now all linked and will be identical; If you edit one, the edit will reflect on all other instances
  7. IMPROVEMENT - Media filenames containing unusual characters should not prevent your script from being reopened
  8. IMPROVEMENT - Menu and keyboard shortcut added to switch between Main and Stage view [ALT+D]
  9. IMPROVEMENT - Faster response when entering the Insert Bible window's Fire mode
  10. IMPROVEMENT - If 'Enable displays on launch' is selected, the displays will not be enabled until you open a script
  11. IMPROVEMENT - Text fx dialog features are arranged much more logically
  12. IMPROVEMENT - Newly created Templates are now in focus and selected
  13. IMPROVEMENT - Improvement to suggestions when searching for a Template
  14. IMPROVEMENT - Added M2TS as a supported file format
  15. FIXED - Next Page Break is no longer removed if you enter one before/above it
  16. FIXED - Page and Object names now contain actual text of that page (even after page breaks)
  17. FIXED - Text formatting buttons now accurately reflect the format of the selected text
  18. FIXED - Pages that are Skipped no longer show in Stage data tokens
  19. FIXED - Changing splitting modes no longer removes additional objects from the page
  20. FIXED - All Caps setting is now properly reset when applying a template which does not use that setting
  21. FIXED - Selected template is no longer lost when opening the Insert Bible window

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. Lyric and Bible cues in scripts that were created prior to v7.3.0 are not fully compatible with improvements made since that release. Please recreate those cues to enjoy full compatiblity and the most benefit from templates, pagination splitting options and the new Duplicate option. While old cues will continue to be usable, not all new features will work correctly when editing them.
  2. The text of page names will not always match the first line of the page after certain edits. We will work to correct this in the next update.


Build 7.3.3 (Build 63617) - August 11, 2021

NOTE: This build was replaced by b63619 on August 13th. The build featured the same benefits listed for b63619, but had the issues listed below. Due to these flaws, we do not recommend continuing to use this build if you still have it installed. You will need to uninstall this build before installing b63619. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Known Issues

  1. ISSUE - The new Duplicate Stanza feature created stanzas which remained linked to thier source stanza in some ways.
  2. ISSUE - The size and position of the text boxes on the Main and Stage displays were inadvertently linked.


Build 7.3.2 (Build 53102) - June 3, 2021

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Added keyboard shortcuts for script editing: Delete, Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste), Insert (Adds new page only when a page is selected)
  2. NEW FEATURE - Title page is now available for Lyrics (Enabled with switch on Insert window)
  3. NEW FEATURE - CCLI organization license now added to Settings > General and Lyric references
  4. NEW FEATURE - Lyric copyright now adds organization CCLI license number
  5. NEW FEATURE - New option to ‘Edit’ added to right-click menu of Lyric cues
  6. NEW FEATURE - New option to ‘Pin’ a blank or custom page as the first in the cue (to allow blank before Title)
  7. NEW FEATURE - New option to add a lyric directly to the Cues Library via the ‘Star’ button on the Insert window.
  8. IMPROVEMENT - Pages/stanzas of a cue can now be skipped
  9. IMPROVEMENT - Multiple selected cues can be set to ‘Skipped’ at once
  10. IMPROVEMENT - Insert Bible now scrolls to verse(s) selected
  11. IMPROVEMENT - Selected template in Insert Lyrics is now remembered on next use
  12. IMPROVEMENT - Template info is now saved to cues and script
  13. IMPROVEMENT - A missing template can be (re)created from a script which contains a cue based on a missing template.
  14. IMPROVEMENT - Sync to Stage now applies the default Stage Template automatically
  15. IMPROVEMENT - Repagination for Lyrics/Bible Cues improved when custom pages are present
  16. FIXED - Text remains selected after changing an attribute (Bold, Italic, etc)
  17. FIXED - Script Control: After the current cue play… now saves the set destination with script
  18. FIXED - Save As… has been improved to prevent loss of thumbnails or media files
  19. FIXED - Stage data tokens now display bible references correctly
  20. FIXED - Stage template no longer inherits BG color of Main display when created
  21. FIXED - The ‘Insert’ button is now greyed-out when a lyric is not selected
  22. FIXED - The correct page is now shown on the Main Display Next viewer when a skipped cue is set
  23. FIXED - Previews in Insert > Bible window now display the selected verses more reliably
  24. FIXED - Previews in Insert > Lyrics window now display the verse order more reliably after edits
  25. FIXED - Bundled templates have been updated to scale BGs for both 16:9 and 4:3 screens

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. When editing text, if you use the keyboard shortcuts to change the text format (Bold, Italic, etc), the toolbar buttons/icons don’t update to reflect this change. This will be corrected in the next update.
  2. Backgrounds in the Insert Bible/Lyrics window's Preview area are sometimes scaled incorrectly. This only effects the Preview area and we are working to correct this.


Build 7.3.1 (Build 32508) - April 5, 2021

Changes / Improvements:

  1. FIXED - Various conditions created a situation where a script could not be saved.
  2. FIXED - Scripts containing media files with the same name in different upper/lower case forms could not be reopened.
  3. FIXED - Scripts over 4GB in size could not be reopened.
  4. FIXED - Certain changes to the Stage display were not saving.
  5. FIXED - Changes to the Script Control plugin did not prompt user to Save before closing.
  6. FIXED - Crash when deleting a template in certain conditions.
  7. FIXED - Imported v6 lyrics with page breaks had codes (&#x0C) shown where page breaks were.
  8. FIXED - The background was not included when printing when it was selected to do so.
  9. FIXED - Video that was fired would stop playing if you moved the layer.
  10. FIXED - If you rearranged pages of a cue while it was being fired, the new order would not fire correctly.
  11. FIXED - A Preset could not be applied immediately after an Undo.
  12. FIXED - The Edit area would not display anything after using Undo to remove an inserted cue.
  13. FIXED - The Recent Scripts list (in the File menu) would still show a file that was no longer available even after recognizing this and alerting the user. 
  14. FIXED - Changing the width of the right hand pane would cause the Viewers to stretch instead of scale.
  15. FIXED - Using Undo after syncing to the Stage display would not remove all of the synced content.
  16. FIXED - When deleting an object from a cue, sometimes the editing toolbar would no longer display the attributes of the remaining selected object.
  17. FIXED - When exporting as Images, the scrollbar in the Export window could not be moved manually.
  18. FIXED - An object could not be moved to the lowest position in the Layers list.
  19. FIXED - The use of the Play/Pause button was improved when working with videos added as an object.
  20. FIXED - Font settings/values now properly display after adding a new Text object.
  21. FIXED - Using Alt+Left Arrow to rotate an object caused the attribute values to disappear in the toolbar.
  22. IMPROVEMENT - When using Search to find a cue, the script now scrolls to the cue that was found and selected.
  23. IMPROVEMENT - The desktop icon is now placed in the 'Public\Desktop' folder so it will be available for all user accounts.
  24. IMPROVEMENT - When inserting Blank or Text cues, a default title will is suggested so user can move forward more quickly.
  25. IMPROVEMENT - When using the Lyrics ‘Fire’ mode Preview area, partially shown pages will now fire instead of scrolling.
  26. IMPROVEMENT - Changing the chapter in the Insert Bible window is faster.
  27. IMPROVEMENT - Text boxes on the Stage don't overlap after assigning dual-bible Stage templates.
  28. IMPROVEMENT - Implemented progress 'spinning wheel' during lengthy operations in the Insert Bible dialog to alert user of activity.
  29. IMPROVEMENT - Added Text cues to the Insert menu and added more keyboard shortcuts.
  30. IMPROVEMENT - Changes were made to the way Templates are stored to improve speed and reliability.
  31. IMPROVEMENT - After using the Save As... command the script returns to where you were working instead of returning to the top.
  32. IMPROVEMENT - If you zoom in the Edit area the zoom will remain after you make edits.
  33. IMPROVEMENT - When you launch MediaShout 7 it will launch to be the frontmost application instead of being hidden beneath another app.
  34. IMPROVEMENT - When you add a new lyric to the library, it will now scroll to the item you just added.
  35. IMPROVEMENT - The default bible will no longer occupy a position in the list of the five 'Most Recently Used' translations.
  36. IMPROVEMENT - Adding a comment to a cue is now easier because the 'hint' text will auto-select and be replaced by the comment. 
  37. IMPROVEMENT - When you enter a bible reference by typing, there will no longer be an error message if you didn't capitalize correctly.
  38. IMPROVEMENT - Changes were made 'under the hood' to improve the way that scripts are saved.
  39. IMPROVEMENT - Values for object coordinates and sizes no longer contain commas.
  40. IMPROVEMENT - Values input as resolution settings are now limited to four digits to avoid a crash caused by invalid values and other problems.
  41. IMPROVEMENT - When editing text, the selected text will remain selected after changing settings.
  42. IMPROVEMENT - Cue names are now limited to 100 characters to avoid various problems. (100 should be sufficient!)


Build 7.3.0 (Build 1778) - November 1827, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. IMPROVEMENT - Sped up the process of selecting and inserting Bible passages by deferring thumbnail creation until you enter Fire mode. Inserting to a script is much quicker now.

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. When entering Fire mode in the Insert Bible window, there is still a delay while the thumbnails for each verse are generated. This delay will vary depending on the number of verses in the selected chapter. We will continue to look for ways to reduce or eliminate this delay.


Build 7.3.0 (Build 1770) - October 27, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Cue Templates allow you to save and apply the same settings to cues as desired.
  2. NEW FEATURE - Text Cues provide a new type of cue dedicated to paginated text.
  3. NEW FEATURE - Text pagination modes provide the option to display only one verse per page, allow the verse to be split into multiple pages, and on Bible cues you can wrap the text per verse or as a complete block.
  4. NEW FEATURE - Stage Data Tokens now show things like the cue or page name and can display the first line of the next page.
  5. NEW FEATURE - Remote App support enables you to control v7 using our iOS remote control app.
  6. NEW FEATURE - Play Times/Loop:  You can now set a media object to a selected number of loops.
  7. NEW FEATURE - Timed advance per page: You can now set an individual advance time on each page of a cue.
  8. NEW FEATURE - Fire Lyrics ‘on-the-fly’ is a new ability to select a template and directly fire a selected Lyric to the screens from within the Lyric dialog for those last-minute changes.
  9. NEW FEATURE - Fire Bible cues ‘on-the-fly’ allows you to display Bible passages to the screen from within the ‘insert’ Bible dialog.
  10. NEW FEATURE - Scheduled playback allows you to set a day of week and time of day to fire a cue automatically.
  11. NEW FEATURE - Update notifications: You won’t see this one until the next update, but when that becomes available you will be notified when you launch MediaShout, and you’ll be able to choose to skip the update, get reminded later, or install.
  12. NEW FEATURE - Auto-Scroll will automatically move the script in the script pane and the Presenter View so that you will always be able to see the active cue. (Switchable in Script pane)
  13. NEW FEATURE - Cue ‘type’ icons now show you what type each cue in your script is.
  14. IMPROVEMENT - Increased ‘zoom’ range in Presenter View allows you to use bigger thumbnail images.
  15. IMPROVEMENT - Default script path now points to Scripts folder
  16. IMPROVEMENT - A slim red frame now indicates the active page in the script and Presenter View for easier identification.
  17. IMPROVEMENT - The red ‘dot’ which indicates the active cue or script has been enhanced for greater visibility.

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. Upon selecting a Bible reference, there is an excessive delay while the thumbnails for each verse are generated. This delay will vary depending on the number of verses in the selected chapter, so you might want to avoid Psalm 119 for the time being! We are not pleased with the delay and we’re working to improve this as quickly as possible.


Build 7.2.8 (Build 1622) - June 16, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. Bug Fix - There was an issue causing a script to not open if it contained audio files created with Apple's VoiceMemos app. So we fixed it!
  2. Bug Fix - Minor improvements and fixes to the Audio Player plugin.


Build 7.2.8 (Build 1617) - May 29, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. Bug Fix - Installer fix for missing file/folder when upgrading.
  2. Bug Fix - Minor fixes for the bible MRU list.


Build 7.2.8 (Build 1613) - May 20, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Cues can now be set to automatically advance at the end of a selected media object ( setting is in Script Control plugin ).
  2. NEW FEATURE - Cues can now be set to be Skipped (setting in Script Control plugin or by right-clicking on cue).
  3. NEW FEATURE - Default bible translation ( set in Settings > Library Settings ).
  4. NEW FEATURE - The five ‘Most Recently Used’ bibles will be listed when selecting bible translation.
  5. IMPROVEMENT - Improvement of Spacebar to fire cues in Edit mode more reliably.
  6. IMPROVEMENT - Removed the leading colons and zeros in Timer and Key Objects.
  7. IMPROVEMENT - Added new icon and tooltip when an object is not locked.
  8. IMPROVEMENT - Quick cues now save globally, so once they are set they will stay set!
  9. IMPROVEMENT - Using keyboard shortcuts after Quick Cues now works much better.
  10. IMPROVEMENT - The first video that you play after launching should now fire much more quickly.
  11. IMPROVEMENT - Import ‘as Presentation’ improvements to Shadow, Outline, Background, Resolution and Smart Art.
  12. IMPROVEMENT - Quick Cues will now also be displayed on the Stage display when they are fired.
  13. Bug Fix - Locked objects now cannot be edited or have page breaks attempted.
  14. Bug Fix - The Library windows would sometimes blink/flash under certain conditions; now they won't!
  15. Bug Fix - Crash while exporting the script ‘as images’ has been fixed.
  16. Bug Fix - If you ‘Undo’ after Importing from v6 and then syncing to the Stage, it no longer crashes.
  17. Bug Fix - When you import from v6, the imported lyric will now show the correct title.
  18. Bug Fix - If you Drag and don’t Drop from Explorer, you will no longer have a lonely thumbnail chasing your cursor around the screen for 30 seconds or so. 
  19. Bug Fix - We removed a couple file formats that are not supported from file browsing list, so if you can see and select it, it should now work.
  20. Several other less obvious fixes and improvements in the nooks and crannies!


Build 7.2.7 (Build 1565) - April 14, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - You can now Drag and Drop media files from the Library or Windows Explorer to create new multi-page or individual cues.
  2. NEW FEATURE - The new Audio Player plugin allows creation of independent audio playlists. This will be enhanced in future builds, so stay tuned!
  3. NEW FEATURE - You can now Fire cues in Edit mode by simply double-clicking on the cue thumbnail or page name.  [Renaming a cue or page is accessed by a second 'delayed' click—similar to Windows Explorer.]
  4. IMPROVEMENT - We have changed the Control display text and icons to have a brighter, higher contrast appearance on the Control Display.
  5. IMPROVEMENT - The 'Scale to Fit' option has been added to the Background layer and made the default.
  6. IMPROVEMENT - We added WMA and M4A files to the supported audio file list. 
  7. IMPROVEMENT - We added a new, unified sort option as default when you are browsing for media files, so you don't have to switch that to find videos.
  8. IMPROVEMENT - Stage display objects are now imported when converting V6 scripts, so more of the content of V6 scripts will import now.
  9. IMPROVEMENT - Video objects can now be played on the Stage display.
  10. IMPROVEMENT - The 'Mirror Main' (on Stage) feature now mirrors video objects, so the Stage will more closely match the Main.
  11. IMPROVEMENT - Pop-out Scroll bars have been replaced with an improved design that doesn't jump around.
  12. Bug Fix - Cut transitions used to delay per the 'Duration' setting. Now they do not, and it provides faster response!
  13. Bug Fix - Removal of 'Directory name is invalid' error when importing from v6.
  14. Bug Fix - Imported PowerPoint files are now inserted below selected cue in the script.
  15. Bug Fix - Newly added cues are now placed after the selected cue in the script.
  16. Bug Fix - The presence of unsupported media types will not cause v6 script imports to fail.
  17. Bug Fix - Pasted lyrics stanzas are no longer is inserted in the wrong place.  (And that's much more convenient!)
  18. Bug Fix - We eradicated the cause of a couple rare crash issues!
  19. Numerous other smaller or less visible bug fixes and minor improvements!

Known Issues / Limitations:

  1. Potential Crash Issue - We have found some instability when you have a script with over 20 cues and you Export as Images. We are investigating this issue and advise those who use that feature often to be careful that you have saved your script and be watchful for issues with this feature. We will get this fixed as quickly as possible.
  2. Performance Warning - If the computer hardware that you use to present with is below or on the low end of our recommendations, you may experience poor performance when using the 'Mirror Main' feature—particularly if you are mirroring video content. There are a very wide range of factors which can affect this, and each system will perform somewhat differently, so please test with this build to ensure that your computer can perform to your expectations and contact our support team with any questions.
  3. Bug - Layers do not lock edits fully, and this will allow you to attempt page breaks when you shouldn't be able to. If you lock your text object layer, and you then click on the text object, you will see a cursor and be able to edit your text—even though the object doesn't even appear to be selected. If you then right-click on the text, all list items will be greyed-out, but you can still attempt to add a page break. This will not complete correctly because the original page is supposed to be locked and will not remove text, but you will still have a new blank page created with no text in it. We will get the lock issue fixed in the next build, but please be aware that locking a layer will not be a 100% guarantee that you can't change it. Fortunately, you can still 'Undo' any inadvertent changes in nearly every case.


Build 7.2.6 (Build 1513) - Mar 5, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. BUGFIX - Correctly converts Cues Library even if it is currently empty. This prevents repeated prompts for Cues Library conversion without ever changing anything!
  2. BUGFIX - Deletes related content from Cues Library folder when cue is deleted from library .


Build 7.2.6 (Build 1507) - Feb 26, 2020

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Import scripts from MediaShout 6! We've been working on this for a long time, and you can now Import scripts from v6. (See below for known limitations.)
  2. IMPROVEMENT - The Cues Library feature has had it's storage method completely reworked to speed up saving and accessing your cues. Your existing library will be converted to this new format the first time that you launch this build, so please be prepared for that to occur. (NOTE: The time needed will vary depending on the size of you library, but it can take several minutes on large libraries.)
  3. IMPROVEMENT - Importing PowerPoint files as 'Images' now produces cues much more accurately at a wider range of resolutions.
  4. IMPROVEMENT - Importing PowerPoint files as 'Presentation' now creates native MediaShout 7 cues which more closely resemble the original presentation in a wider range of situations.
  5. IMPROVEMENT - The Control Screen layout has been adjusted to accommodate the use of 1366x768 screens (which are very common on 14-15" laptops). All controls are now available on these screens without hiding the taskbar.
  6. We made some changes to the activation system which provide an improved experience for those upgrading from MediaShout 6.
  7. Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

Known Issues / Limitations:

  1. MediaShout 6 Import - Because MediaShout 7 does not yet support certain types of cues that were present in v6, many of those cues cannot be imported yet or are imported in a modified form. We are still developing additional cue types and adding features, so as those items are released we will add support for them to be imported from v6 scripts into v7.
  2. Cues Library conversion - The process of converting the Cues Library can take a long time with large libraries. Please do not close MediaShout during this process! While not usually essential, it is recommended that you restart v7 after the conversion if you have a large library. Your computer may report that MediaShout is 'Not responding' during this conversion, and that is completely normal. This process only happens once, and after the software is finished it will become responsive again and you can continue as normal.
  3. Importing PowerPoint as 'Presentation' - Due to limitations of the conversion tool that we are using, some content will look different after being imported. Presentations which make use of 'Themes' in PowerPoint will show this the most, but some other content is affected as well. 


Build 7.2.5 (Build 1431) - Dec 5, 2019

Changes / Improvements:

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented firing cues by double-clicking in the Presenter View.
  2. Fixed a bug which caused some ‘Insert Lyrics’ controls to be grey-out when using SongSelect.
  3. Fixed an issue with muted video objects that would sometimes play the audio. Now they don’t.
  4. Improvement to loading scripts that fixes previous issues with old scripts.
  5. Improvement to adding Page Breaks in text.
  6. The ‘Mirror Main’ switch on the Viewers tab now retains its position between launches.
  7. Removed the ‘Edit on the fly’ switch in settings, because that feature is always on now!
  8. Changed the default for ‘Autosave’ to be off to avoid unexpected interruptions to playback.
  9. Numerous other small, under-the-hood, bug fixes and improvements.


Build 7.2.5 (Build 1410) - Nov 29, 2019

While this build contains a few visible changes, the primary focus has been to improve and optimize the core foundation of the software. These changes have improved the stability of the software by avoiding or fixing issues that were found with 3rd party tools. They also prepare for upcoming feature additions and improvements.

Changes / Improvements:

  1. NEW FEATURE - Most edits made to the currently fired cue now display instantly on-screen.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused a crash when playing multiple consecutive video cues in some cases.
  3. Fixed an issue with Locked objects that prevented reopening script in some cases.
  4. Fixed an issue with Sermon Builder which would disable the ability to ‘Create’ (finish) the script.
  5. Improvements to adding pages to cues.
  6. Improvements to Drag and Drop.
  7. Improvements to Copy and Pasted cues and pages.
  8. Improvements to Transitions

Known Issues / Limitations:

  1. Object attributes (lock, layer order, etc) of previous scripts and cues may be modified when opened in this build due to extensive changes and improvements made to the underlying code. Please check existing scripts before presenting.
  2. Use of the Lists (bullets, numbered lists, etc) feature may produce output to the Main display that differs slightly from the editor. Improvement is In progress.
  3. Use of Tabs in text is currently disabled due to improper display on output. Improvement is In progress.
  4. Large Cues Libraries can cause delays and unresponsiveness. Improvement is planned.
  5. AutoSave can cause delays and unresponsiveness while saving the script periodically. Can be disabled by the user, but is enabled by default.


Build 7.2.2 (Build 1364) - Oct. 11, 2019

1. Fixed a rare issue where the stage display would not update.


Build 7.2.1 (Build 1362) - Oct. 9, 2019

1. NEW FEATURE - Added Audio Objects and Audio Backgrounds
2. NEW FEATURE - Drag and Drop directions for media objects (in Edit Area and Cue Thumbnail)
3. NEW FEATURE - Added Key Object firing to Script Scenario Plug-In for both Main and Stage.
4. NEW FEATURE - Added Fire Control Plug-In to see (and adjust) all media elements playing at the current time.
5. NEW FEATURE - Added Speed Controls to Video Backgrounds.
6. Fixed a major crash involving Telerik third-party tools.
7. Fixed a rare crash caused by a copy error when using Page Breaks.
8. Added count of objects in Layers Tab.
9. Improved the Text Boxes and associated FX.
10. Improved the import of Lyrics from V6 (.ssc).
11. Improved scaling when changing resolutions of script.
12. Fixed a rare bug where Bible Reference would not fire correctly.
13. Implemented Cues Library saving after installing new version.
14. Fixed an issue on start-up when double-clicking a script with MediaShout 7 closed.
15. Fixed an issue where video background would refire when moving backwards through a cue.
16. Fixed an issue when firing Key Objects manually.
17. Fixed an issue defining Main and Stage Key Objects independently.
18. Added file name and path of original background media object.
19. Improved Video Background playback and transitions.
20. Improved Object Visibility UI in Layers.
21. Improved the Background Properties.
22. Fixed an issue where video objects using VLC may loop on some computers.
23. Significant improvement of saving and applying Presets.
24. Added ability to copy and paste entire license code in Activation Window.
25. Improved file path settings.
26. Fixed an issue where object layers may not work correctly.
27. Fixed an issue where the Remote Control config did not save on closing MediaShout 7.
28. Improved the Setting of In/Out points for Video and Audio.
29. Updated the “Sunday Sample.sc7x” script for installation.
30. Improved the Background FX options for images and videos.
31. Improved video playback code.
32. Fixed an issue where Key Objects may not show correctly in the Edit Area on fire.
33. Added labels to library media files.
34. Fixed an issue with Key Object creation.
35. Improved transitions for objects and pages.
36. Added audio FX for audio files.
37. Fixed an issue when firing a Blank Cue.
38. Adjusted Layers and Background Tabs to account for Audio
39. Improved Script saving logic.
40. Fixed an issue with Opacity settings on images.
41. Fixed an issue where the Key Object Plug-In may not correctly show the fired Key Object.
42. Fixed naming of script folder.
43. Fixed new script temp folder.
44. Fixed an issue with background media in temp folder.
45. Improved Windows Media Player Classic Video option.
46. Fixed an issue where Undo/Redo would not update info in the ribbon correctly.
47. Fixed an issue where the Cues Library temp folder would not work.
48. Fixed an issue with Preview of cues/pages in Edit Area.
49. Improved the Insert Bible Window.
50. Fixed an issue with Key Objects not refreshing on Main and Stage display.
51. Improved the Sermon Builder.
52. Fixed an issue with the installer file.
53. Fixed an issue where the right-click menu would blink unexpectedly.
54. Improvement of opening old MediaShout 7 scripts.
55. UI/UX Improvements.
56. Code refactoring for stability improvement and smaller installer file size.


Build 7.1.8 (Build 1258) - Sep. 3, 2019

1. Fixed an issue with Video Thumbnail Paths causing error
2. Fixed an issue with adding Cues to the Cue Library
3. Fixed a crash when using Stop All while playing a Video Background
4. Improved the folder paths for New Scripts
5. Fixed an issue where the Display Settings may not save correctly
6. Improved Key Objects functionality and stability
7. Fixed an issue where saving and auto-save could cause a corrupt script file
8. Added the ability to change video playback to Windows Media Player Classic
9. Other stability improvements


Build 7.1.7 (Build 1251) - Aug. 14, 2019

1. Added ability to download Bibles from within program
2. Added ability to select thumbnail for video objects
3. Added ability to set In/Out Points for Background Video
4. Improvement of Import PPT/PPTX parsing
5. New Settings Window (added tabs for easier navigation)
6. Fixed an issue where the Presenter Toggle may not work when first launching
7. Other stability improvements under the hood


Build 7.1.6 (Build 1243) - Aug. 5, 2019 - Limited Release

1. Improved Font Selection window controls
2. Improved focus control
3. Set Open Folder to match the Default Save Folder
4. Added In/Out Points for Video Backgrounds
5. Fixed an issue where the last line alignment after a page break would always be center
6. Fixed an issue where synching of Main to Stage would not keep visibility settings
7. Added PageUp/PageDown for USB Remote controls
8. Fixed an issue where an extra line break would be added when doing Page Breaks in Lyrics
9. Updated the V6 upgrade window to better explain the activation count


Build 7.1.5 (Build 1233) - July 30, 2019 - Limited Release

1. Update Registration Trial Information
2. Behind the scenes work on new language files
3. Fixed a random crash when using List View in Presenter Mode

Build 7.1.4 (Build 1230) - July 28, 2019

1. Fixed issue with SongSelect search and download
2. Fixed an issue where uninstalling may fail to complete
3. Fixed an issue with Main and Stage Display status and icons


Build 7.1.3 (Build 1227) - July 24, 2019

1. Improvement of Stanza List
2. Update of Right-Click Menu for Text objects
3. Improved the Lock Aspect Ratio Controls of an object
4. Improved the X, Y, H, and W of objects in the Ribbon
5. Improved the speed of switching between scripts
6. Improved FX functions for various objects
7. Updated Trial Licensing System
8. Improved Dissolve Transition for objects and pages
9. Fixed an issue where a saved script would not reopen when an object in the script was originally a read-only file
10. Fixed a rare issue where the program would lose user-control when failing to save a script
11. Fixed a rare issue with trial appearing when an activated computer is not connected to the internet
12. Added ability to mult-select lyrics in Lyric Library (for delete, move to folder, and insertion)
13. Updated Cue Library's order of cues
14. Improved the transition when moving from page to page in a non-linear fashion
15. Added toggle for Presenter View / Edit View in Main Ribbon
16. Fixed an issue where copied/cut cues will now paste after the selected cue
17. Added icons to toggle the Main/Stage displays on/off independently


Build 7.1.2 (Build 1204) - July 15, 2019

1. Fixed random issue with trial users receiving an error code
2. Fixed issue for 7.0.9 users with trial expired appearing unexpectedly
3. Fixed an issue where the Bibles may not appear fully in licensed build


Build 7.1.1 (Build 1203) - July 11, 2019 - For Licensed Users Only

1. NEW FEATURE - Timed Advanced of Cues (Custom Timed Advanced for Pages coming soon)
2. NEW FEATURE - Scenario Controls for Looping and firing other cues
3. NEW FEATURE - All Stanza Types Available
4. NEW FEATURE - Blank Stanza included
5. NEW FEATURE - Auto-Scroll added for Presenter Mode
6. NEW FEATURE - Ability to crop video files
7. NEW FEATURE - Multi-selection of Cues/Pages for copying, pasting, moving, and deleting
8. NEW FEATURE - Ability to control Main Display (F2) and Stage Display (F3) independently
9. NEW FEATURE - Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer or Library Tab to Cue to change BG
10. NEW FEATURE - Ability to control whether Main/Stage fire at launch or not (Settings Menu)
11. Update to Output Resolution controls
12. Fixed an issue where the Main Display Next Viewer could be black instead of the correct cue
13. Updated the system to automatically fire black to Main and Stage when launching the program
14. Improvements to Video Controls in the Edit Area
15. Fixed an issue where large script files may not open correctly
16. Improved licensing system (and trial configuration)
17. Fixed an issue with Drag and Drop of Stanzas in Insert Lyrics
18. Added parsing of Stanza Types from SongSelect imports
19. Improvements to Bible database
20. Improved V6 Lyric Import process
21. Updated the Offline Activation system
22. UI Improvements for smaller resolution screens
23. Added processing spinner UI for longer processing elements
24. Fixed an issue with the Open Script/File Dialog window
25. Fixed an issue where the text box selection could show in the viewers (and shouldn’t)
26. Improvements to Logo Key Object when a video file is chosen
27. Fixed an issue where the display could flash when firing a script in a one 
28. Under the hood code improvements
30. General UI Improvements


Build 7.0.9 (Build 1166) - June 27, 2019 - LIMITED RELEASE

1. Improved Sync logic between Main and Stage
2. Fixed an issue where non-visible video objects would still play audio and take up resources
3. Fixed a crash when closing a script while auto-saving is occurring
4. Improved search in Cues Library
5. Improved save logic and performance
6. Updated Trial Service
7. Fixed an issue with videos on background
8. Improvements to the Presenter View
9. Move Bibles.sqlite to \My Shout\ so as not to delete when updating
10. Improvements to Video flashing when advancing from Cue to Cue
11. Improvements to cached files when restarting program
12. Fixed an issue where displays sizes may be incorrect when changing resolutions of an existing script
13. Improvements with Licensing System
14. Stability improvements to Insert Bible Window
15. Fixed an issue in Sermon Builder where the ADD button would not work for scripture
16. Fixed an issue where the APPLY button would not visually change with Transition updates
17. Fixed an issue where ENTER in the Sermon Builder could cause a crash.
18. Improvements to reading/writing to files on user systems

Build 7.0.8 (Build 1149) - June 21, 2019

1. Separated out the User Config file when updating from a previous build.
2. Fixed an issue with videos on background that would cause an unexpected behavior.


Build 7.0.7 (Build 1147) - No public release (internal only)

1. Fixed an issue with the cursor not appearing in the correct spot when double-clicking on editable text.
2. Fixed an issue where the installer may recommend C++ when it is already installed.
3. Improved the All Caps function when working with Text Boxes.
4. Updated the ToolTips for Resolutions to clarify their function.
5. Fixed an issue with empty text areas.
6. Improvements of Lyric importing from V6.
7. Fixed an issue with certain V6 .ssc files containing unexpected characters.
8. Improvements of registration process.
9. Change phone number validation for registration.
10. Improvements to licensing system.


Build 7.0.6 (Build 1139) - June 17, 2019

1. Improvements to saving User Configuration when updating builds.
2. Added ability to Apply Formatting when synching linked Objects from Main to Stage.
3. Improved notification for users when a process takes longer to complete (busy icon on page).


Build 7.0.5 (Build 1136) - June 13, 2019

1. Improvement of Video System
2. Fixed a rare issue where the program could close and not save the script correctly if there was a video file
3. Fixed an issue with Key Objects appearing incorrectly on the Stage Display
4. Fixed an issue with Key Objects disappearing when switching scripts
5. Fixed a rare issue when doing an Offline Activation that may fail


Build 7.0.4 (Build 1133) - June 12, 2019

1. Minor search improvements in Insert Lyrics.
2. Improvement of the Activation Wizard text.
3. Improved UI clarity for already downloaded SongSelect lyric.
4. Improved UI clarity for right-click menu when Synching Main to Stage.
5. Added Required Fields to Registration for Trial and Activation windows.
6. Added ToolTip to Cues Library when hovering over the Cue Name.
7. Fixed a crash when deleting a Cue from the Script that is currently being fired to the Displays.
8. Updated licensing behavior to improve Trials and Activations experience.
9. Updated the Installer UI Text for clarity.
10. Fixed an issue where uninstalling (or updating) could display a window about Deactivation (note: updating any build prior to this build may still show the window, but from this build forward, it should not appear).


Build 7.0.3 (Build 1126) - June 7, 2019

1. Fixed an issue where selecting the video thumbnail of a background could cause a crash
2. Fixed an issue where a recently created script with a video element may not save or reopen in the same session correctly


Build 7.0.2 (Build 1124) - June 6, 2019

1. Fixed an issue for some users getting an Expired Trial
2. Improvement to Video Playback
3. Improved the Comment Box in a Cue to dynamically expand
4. Fixed an issue where the background might cut transition instead of the set transition when transitioning from cue to cue
5. Added Loading notification when processing certain functions that take longer than normal
6. Fixed an issue when copying/pasting a currently fired cue in the script
7. Fixed an issue where cue numbers where incorrect when copying/pasting
8. Added the ability to "Apply Formatting" for text boxes on Stage Display
9. Fixed an issue for Windows 7 users when trying to activate Online

Build 7.0.1 (Build 1115) - June 4, 2019

1. Original Launch Build