Skip on last stanza should update the "On Last Stanza" to the new last slide.

Nov 12, 2017
Jon Wheeler wrote
Currently if you choose to skip the last slide in a stanza and you have something like the CCLI info shown on that slide it doesn't move to the new last slide. Would be nice to do that as there is no other way but to delete the last slide.
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Nov 13, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Jon,<br /> <br /> Since the Copyright is an &quot;object&quot;, and there can be multiple objects on a page, it may not be possible to pick and choose what object is moved. However, I will add it to the list to have the developers look into the possibility.
Nov 13, 2017
Jon Wheeler wrote
I could share an example of our template if you would like, but I will describe it for you. Our first slide in the stanza has the title in bold in the upper right corner below that is a stanza box that covers about 2/3 of the frame top to bottom. In the lower 1/3 of the last stanza we have the copyright block that has Ccli, songwriter etc. even if there was an option that went along with the on the last stanza, that said always on last or something, as when I see the option for on last I would assume it should be on the last visible cue already, this would go for any object marked as on last...
Nov 14, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Jon,<br /> <br /> I understand what you are wanting to accomplish and I think it is a great idea. However, we are dealing with &quot;Objects&quot;. If we have Objects applied to the last page and then move them to the previous page when the last page is skipped, we also have to take into consideration when those Objects are not Reference Objects. Since we are dealing with Objects, we may not be able to apply the logic to just one type of Object. <br /> <br /> I hope this makes sense.
Dec 06, 2017
Rick Whilden wrote
In dealing with this issue at my church, I've learned to just select the Copyright object and select object visibility and check which page I want it to show one. In your case, the next to the last page, since the last page is hidden.<br /> We struggled with this when moving from MS-4, where &quot;Last Page&quot; was a thing.<br /> <br /> Good luck
Dec 07, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Thanks Rick for providing a suitable work around.<br /> <br /> I actually was discussing this with the developers this morning. Unfortunately, this is something that will not be possible without rewriting the logic concerning Objects. Since Objects are the main feature it would almost require a total rewrite. But as Rick pointed out, you can easily change the Object Visibility for the reference object with a couple of clicks.<br /> <br /> I am sorry we will not be able to add this feature request.