Ability to search for template by typing its name

Jun 08, 2018
Richard Huss wrote
We have a significant number of templates (currently 70+ lyric templates!) and finding the one you want in the list when inserting a lyric can be time-consuming. If it was possible to click the drop-down arrow, then start typing the template name to narrow the selection, that would be a *fantastic* addition.

(You may ask why we have so many templates. We use different sets of backgrounds for the seasons of the church year - currently using a green set for ordinary time. Some songs are licensed under CCLI, some are public domain, and others - primarily songs from authors who are Roman Catholic - are covered by the Calamus licence scheme instead of CCLI. In each case, the copyright acknowledgement text needs different text and tokens. So that's three templates for each set already, and then we use subtly different background images for songs sung while communion is being distributed. So each set has six slightly different templates. We have a naming convention for these, but it is still a bit tedious scrolling through the list to find the one you want.)
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Jun 11, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to our list and review it with our developers.