Aug 19, 2017
Aaron West wrote
Please note: This is a forum for Feature Requests. This is not a forum for asking technical questions or how-tos. Please email our support team at support {at} mediashout {dot} com or post in our Community Forum.

1) Please take a moment to search for the feature you want before submitting it. This keeps duplicate requests down as well as keeps from splitting votes by users when there are two of the same requests.

2) If a similar feature is requested, but not exactly the same, please add a comment to the feature request for additional thoughts or changes on this. If a new feature request is needed, we will ask you to create a new one for your topic.

3) Know that we will read and consider all feature requests. However, there may be programming or development issues that prevent us from completing all feature requests (even those that receive lots of votes). We will comment on the topic if it is Not Planned so that you are aware of the status of your feature request.

4) Keep all comments positive for this group as we are all working together to make the product better for our churches so that we can serve. We all have ideas and thoughts to share. And we all may have frustrations. This forum is not the place to air those frustrations. Negative comments that don't add anything to the discussion are subject to deletion. Multiple negative comments by a single user may result in suspension of the user. If you have a frustration you want to share, please email directly so that we can work with you one-on-one.

5) Vote on topics! This helps us best determine what features get added. As the old adage goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

6) Last, but not least, learn from each other. Make sure you take a moment to listen to what other users want and are asking for. It may trigger an idea for you and your ministry.
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