Keyboard Key for Italics

Nov 20, 2018
Cindy Wenz wrote
When inputting text in the inline editor, I would love to be able to click "Ctrl+I" to change text from regular to italics. The "Ctrl+B" works for bold, but when I try the "Ctrl+I" it just eliminates the text altogether. Thank you!
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Nov 21, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Thanks for the suggestion! We do have this feature request as SIX-885 in our system. It looks like this Bug has actually been around for a while now. The Developers are continuing to look into this to determine whether or not this is something that can be easily fixed, or if it is something that will require something deeper. Although this is a great idea, because resources for this, it hasn't made it high enough on our priority list yet. We hope to one day get it into MediaShout 6.

Thanks and God Bless!

-Ryan Zeeck