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Nov 15, 2018
Jordan Krueger wrote
Spell check for specific cues or the entire script
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Nov 16, 2018
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Jordan,

Thanks for the suggestion! We do have this feature request as SIX-1605 in our system. We are looking at ways to improve the Check Spelling (including some automation like what is found in other products). We have found that most spelling "mistakes" aren't misspelled words, but a correctly spelled word that is used incorrectly instead of the right word. Because of that, we want to make sure we find a tool that not only checks spelling but also includes it in context. This is a much more complex tool that just a spell check, so it takes more effort and time. A global spell check of the entire script is definitely on the list as part of that. Although this is a great idea, because of the advanced tool and resources for this, it hasn't made it high enough on our priority list yet. We hope to one day get it into MediaShout 6.


-Ryan Zeeck