Allow transition duration to be lower than a whole second

Aug 19, 2017
Aaron West wrote
In MS5 I could set a transition duration to the 1/10's place of a second (i.e. 0.5 sec), however MS6 appears to only allow whole seconds. Please bring this back! And also please fix the input box as it appears to accept to the 1/100's place but it doesnt actually do it.

This is especially an issue when in a fast paced song and a 1sec transition duration can't keep up.
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Nov 07, 2017
Arlin Sandbulte wrote
I think the latest build of MS6 addresses this, but not completely IMO.<br /> The input box for the transition time behaves a bit oddly when using the keyboard.<br /> And, some transition times below 1 second revert to a cut. For example, I think dissolve-dissolve @ 0.5s actually does a cut instead of a quick 0.5s dissolve.
Nov 09, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Arlin,<br /> <br /> I am looking into this to see if this is something that can be improved upon. As soon as I hear back from the developers, I will post another response.
Nov 09, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Arlin,<br /> <br /> Although not 100% sure, the developers seem to think they can correct this. So I have had them reopen the original issue to take a look.
Nov 09, 2017
Arlin Sandbulte wrote
Thanks John!
Mar 11, 2018
Michel Baillargeon wrote
Hi, <br /> We are running the latest version and are still seeing the same issue. We like the dissolve-dissolve (transition in and transition out) but we can't get it to run quite fast enough. We see that a duration lower than 0.6 seconds results in a cut transition. We hope that this can be fixed in a future version<br /> Thanks!<br />
Mar 12, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Michael,<br /> <br /> The developers are aware of the limitation and although I can't promise anything yet, hopefully they can provide options lower than 0.6.
Mar 18, 2018
Michel Baillargeon wrote
Apr 06, 2018
Mike Hedman wrote
I was just looking into this as well. it seems anything above .5 seconds works but less than that is a cut. Are there any updates on the status of this? <br />
Apr 09, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
I still can't make any promises yet, but it is on the list of things for the developers to look into. If they can fix it, it should be addressed in a future update.