Script Control To Toggle Remote

Jun 01, 2018
Charles Reinmuth wrote
I love the toggle remote feature. Our new pastor likes to control a powerpoint during his sermon, and the toggle remote feature keeps the DSAN remote from accidentally triggering cues during the rest of the service while it's in his pocket/etc. What would be incredible is if, instead of going into the menus during his sermon and toggling remote - then needing to remember to toggle it off after the sermon (I am putting comment reminders for the operator in the script right now), we could instead insert a script control before the sermon powerpoint to toggle the remote on, and a script control at the end to toggle the remote off. So, as the MediaShout operator advances to the powerpoint, the remote is automatically enabled. Then, as the operator or pastor advances past the last slide of the powerpoint, the remote is disabled.

I attached a concept image. You can see from the icons it has two lyric cues surrounding a power point slideshow. Before and after the slideshow, I mocked up a script control for toggling the remote.

Thanks for your consideration! I can see this being extremely useful whenever there is a speaker/guest controlling their slides but that doesn't make up the entire service.
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Jun 04, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to our list and review it with our developers.
Jun 07 (2 months ago)
Rick Whilden wrote
As you are reviewing this (I've suggested something similar in the past), I would like to see a &quot;DEFAULT&quot; setting that could be set with three options so that instead of only pleasing 50% of your customers, you could could please them all...<br /> Option one: Default ON (still can turn it off if needed using the control)<br /> Option two: Default OFF (still can turn it on if needed using the control)<br /> Option three: Default = Last setting. (if it was on last, it starts on, if it was off last, it starts off) (still change on/off with control)
Jun 10 (2 months ago)
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Rick,<br /> <br /> Great stuff! I'll make sure to pass this along to the Team to see if this is a viable option. I really like it!!<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br /> <br /> -Ryan
Aug 09 (11 days ago)
Franklin Seventh Day Adventist SDA Church wrote
Yes, please let there be a default on, or last setting! That was one of my biggest gripes about MS 6 was i had to remember to turn it on every time we wanted to use a remote!