Text Object Effects - Transition - Fade

Jan 24, 2018
Harold Shannon wrote
The present options (MS6) for the "Fade" transition are; Fade through black and Fade through white. PowerPoint has always had a "Smoothly" which simply moves from one page/slide to the next without going through either black or white. It results in a very professional look and is especially useful for songs where you need something quick and subtle between pages. We dare not use any other transition and avoid anything startling. The addition of a "Smooth Fade" would be very helpful.
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Jan 25, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

The "Fade" transition you see in PowerPoint is the same as the "Dissolve" transition you see in MediaShout. They both have the exact same effect, but with different names.

Hope this helps
Jan 25, 2018
Harold Shannon wrote
Fantastic!!!! We will put it to work immediately. Thanks