Closed Captioning

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Sep 12, 2017
Brian Christopher Cates wrote
Closed Captioning of sermon illustration videos will serve the hearing impaired as well as multilingual congregations. The specific feature request would be the ability to import a .scc file made for a specific video so that captions can play over said video in the lower third.
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Sep 13, 2017
Aaron West agent wrote
Interesting idea. We have discussed some closed captioning ideas before (but most of those were live audio). Although this is great, because MediaShout is not a video editor per se and there are programs out there that can easily take a video and closed captioning text file and combine them to create a new video, our recommendation would be to do this. Since this is already out there in multiple locations (and steps slightly out of the realm of our focus), then we suggest using one of these programs to create your final video and then play the video through MediaShout. This prevents us from recreating the wheel when there are already great programs that do this. As for the live closed captioning, we are still looking into that and have some ideas. So, that is still in the research phase. Thanks and be blessed!