Save settings, like skip slide, to Cue Library

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Jul 19, 2021
FBCWH Media wrote
I would like to save our announcement loop cue to the Cue Library with the settings applied to that cue. I do see if we set the timer for each slide in the loop, that it would carry that into the Cue Library but it won't save if we have that slide set to skip. We have some slides that we only show periodically and skip the other weeks, but don't want to have to set them to skip each week. Could that setting be saved into the Cue Library.

Kind of same thing, but understand this might be more complicated, could you also save what you will show after the cue in the Cue Library. For instance, we loop back to the announcement loop in Transistions and would like that setting saved. Then we just put the loop into the script and turn on any slides we need this week and off any we don't, but the slides have their time setting and loop setting already set from the previous week.
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