Adding page breaks in "Isert Lyric" window

Nov 06, 2017
Arlin Sandbulte wrote
When editing a Lyric in the "Insert Lyric" window, CNTRL-ENTER causes a page break *AND* a blank line to be inserted. It should only insert a page break. Also, CNTRL-ENTER causes the cursor to jump back to the start of the verse. It should remain in place.
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Nov 07, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Thanks for the input. This is actually marked as a bug (SIX-1858) and the developers will be fixing this in a future update. If you want to see if a bug was fixed in a particular update, the link below is to the Change Log.

This Forum was designed for new ideas or features not currently in the software. Just like the ones you posted earlier. If something is not working as you would expect, please be so kind as to submit a Bug Report. This way we can track all new issues and how frequent users are effected by the issues. If you want to report a bug, click this link.

We also have a User Forum where you can post issues, and one of our Techs will be happy to reply and let you know if it is a new or current issue and if there is a workaround.

Once again, thanks for your input and understanding.
Nov 07, 2017
Arlin Sandbulte wrote
Yep, no problem. Sometime, the line is a little blury between features and bugs.