Ability to display Song Metadata with Lyrics in MS7 like previous versions

Jun 21, 2020
Matt Loos wrote
Really missing the ability to add extra metadata to Songs in the Lyrics Library, and display them with the lyrics when used a Cue. Currently in MS7, the copyright section only includes Song ID, Title, Author, and Copyright. But in previous versions, you could include Hymnal Page numbers, Verse numbers, etc, by linking them to a specific page for display. Now, I have to type those separately, and copy and paste them to new lyrics, but they don't stick with they lyric library itself...unless someone has a trick they can share. Otherwise, I must (im)patiently await the Templates to return.
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Jun 26, 2020
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Matt,

Yes, this is something that we are working on to get added ASAP. I apologize for that. We hope to have this added in the next few months.

We will send out an email as soon as the update is ready.