Add capability to put linked text boxes on text cues

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Oct 16, 2019
Don Brown wrote
I think what is requested in suggestion line is what is needed. It seems to be much more difficult to create a multipage text cue in MS7 than in MS6. We use many multipage text cues, and the process to create them is usually: Create first page, paste all the text into the text box on that page (in MS6, multiple pages are created automatically when there is wrapping), then edit the pages using page breaks to do appropriate pagination. And, apply common formatting to all pages as needed.
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Oct 16, 2019
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Don!

Yes, this is something that is already being worked on. We may bring back Text Cues, or just offer a way to link the boxes together.

Thanks for the input!

God Bless.

Feb 03, 2020
Rita Fiss wrote
I completely agree! We need this for every script! Any idea how much longer until we get this update?
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Feb 04, 2020
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Rita,

I don't have an ETA on this, unfortunately. I do know that they are working on adding this as quickly as they can.

We will send out an email when this update is ready so you'll know to download it right away.

I apologize for this.

May 04, 2021
Reedy River wrote
Has this issue been addressed yet?
May 22, 2021
Steven Axdal wrote
I'm in the same place as Don Brown. We often have text cues extending over several pages. This was trivial previously, because the formatting would hold. This is somewhat in place for lyrics, moving the same code for text seems fairly simple. If not, the lyric coding should be done better.