Delete a blank page from a cue

Jun 12, 2021
Steven Axdal wrote
I've been trying to make a liturgical cue, basically 3 calls and responses.They are short, but the last two responses take two lines at 60 pt. (I'm using 60pt Arial for readability). I tried to space the lines 1.2, but I got a blank page. When I reverted back to single line, I retained the blank page. Can it be deleted? While I've got three layers on the first page, only the 1st layer shows up on the blank page.
Often I get the same thing happening on lyrics, where once a stanza has overlapped onto a second page, it's difficult to remove the subsequent blank page.

I really, really like the automatic extension of pages in text cues, but it would be nice to be able to know what the trigger was and be able to remove them. It almost seems like the algorithm is requiring sufficient space after the last text for an extra blank line with spacing to prevent creation of a blank new page. But it doesn't seem that the blank page can be deleted or skipped.
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