Pressing spacebar after "Clear Main" does not advance page

Nov 06, 2017
Arlin Sandbulte wrote
The 'Clear Main' or 'Clear Text' Quickcue is a great way to clear the display during an instrumental or the like.
But, when the spacebar is pressed after 'Clear Main' is used, the current page is re-displayed instead of advancing to the next page. IMO, it should advance to the next page instead.
Note: The 'Stop All' Quickcue behaves the way I want. So it would also make the behavior more consistent.
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Nov 07, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote

This is one of those features that regardless of how we make it behave (replay current page or play next page) 50% will want it the other way. For example, if the pastor pauses his presentation but has not finished reading the scripture or his notes, then he would have to go back a slide. So we have designed this to replay the current slide.

For Lyrics, you have a few options. If there is going to be an instrumental, you can insert a blank. You can also add a NEW Stanza called Interlude with no text on that stanza. This way you can make it part of the playorder and adjust as needed.

Another option is to create a Blank Text Cue that uses the Inherit BG option and add that to one of the other Quick Cues. Once created, simply drag and drop the cue over one of the other Quick Cues. This will do the same as Clear Main, but will advance to the next page.

For convenience, I have attached a Script called Inherit BG with a Blank Text Cue. Simply open this script and drag the Cue on top of one of your other Quick Cues.

Hope this helps.