Allow a section to remain collapsed even when it is looping on the main screen.

Jan 17, 2018
Sherrie wrote
We wanted to put our announcements in a section at the beginning of the worship presentation. We would have it looping through until time to start. But it gets difficult for the volunteers to find the first cue to start the service when the announcement cues are constantly expanded and moving with each cue advancement. Can you make it possible to collapse the section and leave it collapsed while the announcement cues are looping on the main screen?
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Jan 17, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, active sections cannot be collapsed in MediaShout 6. However, you can have more that one script open. I suggest keeping the Announcements in a separate script and have that playing while the main script is open. Then when ready, the user can double click the first cue to get it playing. This will stop the Announcements and allow them to continue with the main script.
Jan 17, 2018
Sherrie wrote
Thanks for the work around.