In Presenter View, space bar should ALWAYS take me to the next que

Feb 16, 2020
Lyle Harp wrote
In Presenter View, space bar usually takes me to the next cue, but not always.

Consider this scenario:
You're in edit view, The band starts and you click on the first lyric cue to launch the first slide. Then you click on Presenter view... and WAIT... and WAIT.... finally, presenter view comes up (now you're behind because the team has started singing) so you quickly hit the space bar to advance the slides... BUT... instead, you're switched back to edit view.

This should NEVER happen!
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Feb 17, 2020
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Lyle,

Yes, we are still working to improve the Cursor Focus issue. We are aware of this are working on it as we speak.

Thank you for mentioning this, just in case.