"Move to Letter" functionality on Cue and Lyric Library lists

Jan 05, 2020
Graham Bruno wrote
I would like to request consideration be given to a "Move to Letter" function be implemented on the Cue and Lyric Library Lists.

Having the ability to move directly to the first entry that begins with a particular letter would be very helpful for users who are scrolling through long lists to get to a particular place within the list.

When I have seen this functionality implmented in UIs in other contexts I have typically seen a # option to jump to any entries before A and then the letters of the alphabet. A keyboard shortcut to allow users to jump to a specific letter in a list could also be useful.

I recognise the usefulness and availability of search to address a lot of use cases. Nevertheless, at least personnally, I do find myself thinking something along the lines of "I would like to be able to jump straight to the first song that begins with letter J and then browse the list from there"

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.
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Jan 06, 2020
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote

Another great idea! I'll pass this along as well.

God Bless,

Jan 06, 2020
Graham Bruno wrote
Thanks for taking the time to review and pass this on. :-)