Stage Display template token for "Next Cue"

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Aug 24, 2017
Michael Pilato wrote
The "Next page/next line" token is a fantastic feature, allowing singers to know which stanza follows the current one before the operator even advances the page. But it would be very useful if this feature was expanded to include (or if a sibling token was developed specifically to show) the same information across cues. For example, to allow us to see a hint of the first stanza of Song #2 while currently displaying the final stanza of Song #1. This would also be beneficial in the Announcement Loop, allowing our speakers to confidently transition from announcement to announcement without that awkward wait for the slide transition.
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Aug 25, 2017
Aaron West agent wrote

This is definitely on our list. In fact, we consider this a bug that it isn't working that way. For reference, it is listed as SIX-1201 in our bug tracking system. When we do an update, we will note the bug numbers so that you can see if the bug you are following has been fixed in that released build. Thanks and be blessed!