Startup in Volunteer Mode

Jun 19, 2018
Andre de Jager wrote
Hey guys

Just a request, if possible, to be able to quit Mediashout 6 while in Volunteer Mode and have it then launch in Volunteer Mode when Mediashout is re-opened.

This way, a volunteer can startup MS just by running a script and not have to switch it over to Volunteer Mode.

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3 Answers
Jun 20, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Andre,<br /> <br /> We did consider this as an option, but it's one of those things that regardless of how you set it, ON or OFF, you can only make 50% happy. Since there are limitations in Volunteer Mode, we decided the 2 clicks it takes to turn it on would work best for the majority.
Jun 21, 2018
Andre de Jager wrote
Is there a potential that rather than defaulting it to one option or the other, there can just be a checkbox &quot;Launch in Volunteer Mode&quot; that can be toggled? That way it's not set to on or off, but the user has the option for how it behaves.<br /> <br /> Anyway, not a trainsmash - obviously not every suggestion can find its way into an update!<br /> <br /> Thanks :)
Jun 21, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote
Andre,<br /> <br /> It's not that it would be impossible to do, but you are correct. Although we try to accommodate all requests, we have to consider how many users will benefit from the feature against the cost to develop the feature.