Import pictures as pages to a single cue

Aug 19, 2017
Aaron West wrote
I would like to be able to create multiple pages, from multiple jpg files, all under one cue - for instance when creating announcement slides from a batch of jpg's. If they are all under one cue, I could see them all at once in the page area. I can do this very painstakingly by creating blank pages within a cue and then importing the image into it, but I'd like to import them all at once.

I think I can import multiples at once if I make each one a separate cue, but then I can't see them all at once. If I use compact view, I have to open each one individually to view it in the page area. If I use standard view, I can only view a few slides at a time and I loose my place within the overall worship.
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May 04, 2018
Mel Runyon wrote
You can already do that. It's called creating a section and then dragging the jpg files into the section.
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May 24, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Although a Section will behave like a multipage cue in a way, what Aaron is looking for is something like what is created when you use the Import utility and import a PowerPoint. This creates one cue with multiple pages and one image on each page. However, the suggestion of a Section is the perfect solution.
Jun 01, 2018
Charles Reinmuth wrote
This is an excellent idea and a no-brainer. Good suggestion! Sections work for the time being.