MediaShout Remote V1.2 Has Arrived!

Now you can take complete control over your MediaShout presentations over Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with our new app. Available now!




IMPORTANT:  To use the remote, you must update to the latest build of MediaShout.

 Click HERE for instructions on how to configure and use the MediaShout Remote.


Now you can control MediaShout from just about anywhere with the new MediaShout Remote for iOS. Using your Wi-Fi connection, you can easily and reliably control your presentation without being stuck behind a computer.  

  • Portrait view allows you to scroll through your presentation, view notes and tap thumbnails to play them to the screen. Bottom toolbar controls give you quick access to forward and back buttons, as well as panic cues. 
  • Landscape view provides preview or program mode, depending on whether you'd rather swipe and play cues directly to the screen, or browse thumbnails and double-tap to play.