"NEW" MediaShout Assistant

MediaShout Assistant is a simple tool to help provide our customers with the highest standard of customer support while using MediaShout Church Presentation Software! 

With MediaShout Assistant, you can find answers to any MediaShout question that you may have.  If you’re needing help setting up your screens for the first time, looking for training materials, looking for the latest deals at MediaShout, or even wanting to schedule a call with one of our super friendly, super helpful support technicians, this app is for you.

MediaShout Assistant will help empower you to run successful services on Sunday morning.  Think of it as the “Swiss Army Knife” for MediaShout Church Presentation Software Support!

What you can find with MediaShout Assistant:

Tapping gives you...

  • Instructions for setting up your screens
  • Common video, activation and crashing solutions
  • Slideshow solutions
  • MediaShout 6 for Windows Frequently Asked Questions
  • MediaShout 6 for Mac Frequently Asked Questions
  • MediaShout 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Tappinggives you quick access to...

  • MediaShout 6 video tutorials for training
  • MediaShout 6 user guide

Tappingallows you...

  • Quick access to MediaShout’s support hours and phone numbers
  • The ability to schedule a call with our support technicians directly from the app
  • The ability to submit a support ticket directly from the app
  • To call our support team with a tap.

Tappingallows you to....

  • See the latest deals on Software, Hardware and other promotions
  • Call or email the sales team with just a tap.

Tappinggives you...

  • Access to Facebook
  • Access to Twitter Alerts



At MediaShout, our #1 desire and goal is to serve you and your church.  We want to help churches of every size present their worship in a way that honors God. It’s our strong belief that churches can and should do things with excellence and with a passion that reflects the beauty of their message. MediaShout worship presentation software empowers them to do just that.