Cue copying

Apr 27, 2018
Michael Stuart wrote
In Mediashout 4.5, I was able to drag a cue while holding down the control button, and it would copy the cue where I dropped it instead of moving it. This feature doesn't seem to be a part of Mediashout 6. Even if I hold the ctrl button down, it just moves the cue instead of copying it. Would it be possible to add this feature back?
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Apr 30, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

I have been using MediaShout since 2.5 and never know this combination existed. so I asked around to those who have been here just as long and they too were not aware of this combination. So I opened V4 and tested it. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce it. The only combination that works with the CTRL button for copying is CTRL+C.If it did work in V4 like you say, (although cool) it was not intentional and will not be added as a feature.