Diversify Song Database

Mar 13, 2019
Patrick King wrote
Hi I'm a user at a predominantly african-american church and the only issue I have with the system is that any songs I try to find lyrics for by african-american artist are not in the song database, causing me to have to type, or drag-and-drop from the internet into Mediashout. We do a variety of songs from all christian artist, but it's a little taxing to have to repeat this process for non-K-Love type songs. I don't know if your database is based on submission by the artist or selection from staff, but please take this into consideration, if anything can be done about it, as there are many african-american congregations that use this product. Thank you and God bless you all!
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Mar 13, 2019
Ryan Zeeck agent wrote
Hey Patrick,

Thank you so much for your request. I will pass this along to the Team. I do know that the current Database that comes loaded with the program is strictly Public Domain songs that don't have any Copyright with them. This is a requirement for that database as we cannot provide Copyrighted songs to Churches that don't have a proper license. This would be the biggest hurdle we'd have to get over to make this happen.

Thanks again for the inquiry.

God Bless!!