SongSelect Interface

Nov 30, 2017
Sal Scecchitano wrote
Due to there being so many songs with the same title, it would be great to see a balloon with SongSelect lyrics for each title without having to download each to figure out which is the one I'm looking for and then inserting.
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Nov 30, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote

How the integration with SongSelect behaves is controlled by what is called an API (application programming interface). This API is provided to us by SongSelect. So unfortunately we have no control on the limitations of the integration. However, if you click on the Title, you will see a preview of the Chorus that displays where the Verses are usually displayed. This allows you to see a sample of the Lyric before you click the download button.
Nov 30, 2017
Sal Scecchitano wrote
Oh, OK, John--thanks! That should be helpful.