Allow Timed cue page transitions to be longer than 99.9 seconds

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May 14, 2018
Michael Pilato wrote
In MS5, I had a multi-page cue in each of my service scripts that had:

- a looping video background common to all pages,
- a PNG (with transparency) foreground graphic ("Welcome! Our service will be starting soon." or "Have a blessed day!") common to all pages,
- and on each page of the cue (except the last), a different MP3 audio file attached with a 3-second crossfade and a Timed transition to control how much of the song plays before the next page/song begins.

It was a pre- or post-service, motion-background cue that carried it's own audio playlist, with full control of how much of each song played. And it was perfect.

When we upgraded to MS6, however, I was disappointed to learn that Timed transitions had been capped to 99.9 seconds, which is a) less than half the length of an average song (or 10% of a Bethel Music song), and b) a rather weird not-even-a-multiple-of-a-minute number anyway.

Please consider either eliminating what feels like a somewhat arbitrary upper bound on these timings, or at least raising them to something like 600.0 seconds.
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