Add emphasis to a page in a lyric such as color

Apr 05, 2018
Harold Shannon wrote
If the song leader wants to repeat a verse, we need a way to identify that page. Add a way to draw emphasis to a page in a lyric such as color to remind us that a bridge or other text will be sung twice?
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Apr 09, 2018
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Thanks so much for the suggestion. If a stanza is to be repeated, MediaShout lets you change the playorder so you can add as many instances that a stanza will be repeated. So if Verse 3 is to be repeated 3 times, you can add Verse 3 3 times to the playorder.

If the song is not going to be used this way the next time, you can choose not to save the changes. Or if it is, simply save the changes for next time. You can ALWAYS change the playorder at any time to accommodate for this.