Temporarily turn off background display in Pages and Edit areas, while editing Lyric.

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Dec 04, 2017
Beverly E wrote
In MediaShout 4, while editing a Lyric, you could turn off the background display IN THE EDITOR, temporarily, to make finding/editing of Lyric text easier (white on black text). I'd like to have that feature back in MediaShout 6.

There are two ways that I can see to mimic that feature, each with their flaws:
1) Change the Lyric background to solid black, make the edit, and change the background back to original. That is hard to do quickly when in a live rehearsal.
2) Make the background of the Lyric solid black, insert the desired video BEFORE the Lyric, have the Lyric inherit the background from previous, and fire the video before the lyric. This is fine if you ONLY want to enter the lyric from the top through a Blank page. If you want to enter it part-way through it will bring the background from the most recently fired Cue which may not be the desired behavior.
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Dec 05, 2017
Ben Wagner agent wrote

Given the change to multiple objects, we can no longer turn off the BG as we did in V4.

However, you can change the BG to a color (black) and save that to your template. Then when ready add the new BG by dragging it onto the cue.