Missing Bibles in MediaShout 6 for Mac

If your MediaShout 6 for Mac is not showing any bible versions available to install, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the following link to download the bible library file: Mac_Bibles.zip
  2. Double click this download to open the folder. Then, place the two files (V6Resouces and Macresources.xml) at the ROOT level (directly on the USB Drive or Macintosh HD) of any USB drive which is connected to this computer.  Alternatively, you may place these files on the root level of 'Macintosh HD' (the hard drive of the computer). Do NOT place them inside any folder, but only at the root level of the disk.

*To get to the Macintosh HD, click Go and then choose Computer and it will be listed right there*

         3. Launch MediaShout and go to Settings > General Settings > Bibles and check to see if you now have bible versions available to install.

If you continue to have trouble with this process, please contact us at Support@MediaShout.com.