Making the upgrade to MediaShout 6 for Mac from MediaShout for Mac Version 1.1

What files can I bring over from MediaShout for Mac Version 1.1.5257?

Using the MSConverter tool located in the Applications folder on your Mac (it's installed as part of MediaShout 6 for Mac), you can convert old MediaShout scripts. These files have a .shout extension. You can also import your Song Database, but you first need to create a script (see below for directions). We understand this is not a quick process, but the MSConverter tool will do most of the work for you and should make it seamless.



If you have old scripts that you want to use in MediaShout 6 for Mac you will need to use the MSConverter tool. This is best done with MediaShout closed so you can view your files. 
1. Click Go -> Applications and open the MSConverter that was included when you installed MediaShout 6 for Mac and click "Browse For Script".
2. Navigate to where you store your scripts. These will be files with a .shout extension. As a note, you can only convert one .shout file at a time.
3. Select the file and click open. In a few moments, a .ssc file will be created and placed in the same location as the original file. It will have the same name but with the .ssc extension added. For example, if the file name was Sunday.shout, you will see a Sunday.shout.ssc.  This new file is now ready for MediaShout 6 for Mac.



You can also convert your Song Database, but you first need to create a script. If your database is rather large, create scripts with no more than 500 songs each. As a suggestion, sort the database alphabetically, and insert A through F (for example) and when saving the file, name it A-F. Once you have created the scripts, follow steps 1-3 above for converting scripts (but do not open it in MediaShout 6 yet - see Importing Songs below). 

NOTE: Make sure the option for "Package media files in script document" is NOT selected.



You can open these scripts and MediaShout will add the songs to the database automatically. However, if you are importing your lyric scripts you just created, they will be rather large, so it is recommended that you don't open them. Instead, you are going to use the Import utility. As you move forward, any new song in a script will be automatically added to the database if it is not already there when that script is open on a different computer.

1. Open MediaShout and click Insert Lyric in the Ribbon.
2. Click the Options button (Gear Icon) in the upper left corner to the left of the search field and select Add Lyric -> From file...
3. Navigate to where you saved the converted scripts (from your Lyrics) and select Open. As before, this will be done one script at a time.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all scripts have been imported.

NOTE: Please only use the above import process for scripts containing ONLY Lyric Cues. Although the importer is designed to skip non-lyric cues, using scripts with mixed cue types may result in errors in the import process.



Your Bibles are all brand new and can be downloaded by going to the Settings Tab and clicking General Settings -> Bibles. From here you can download the versions you use most often. If you later find you need to download another translation, you can always come back here and download more. 



Your media files can stay where they are on your system.  MediaShout 6 just references their location on your computer, so we recommend not moving media files around or deleting them after you have used them in your script or presentation to avoid any missing media issues. 


So do I have to install V1.1 on my computer before I install the upgrade to MediaShout 6?

MediaShout 6 is a completely separate program of V1.1  The upgrade only requires your V1.1 license code and nothing else to complete the installation and license.  It is not required to install V1.1 on your new machine.  However, we designed the programs to be separate so that you could have both V1.1 and MediaShout 6 on the same machine (it is not recommended that you run them at the same time).  The advantage to this is that it allows you to train your team during the week on MediaShout 6 yet still run V1.1 until they are comfortable with the switch.  So feel free to take the time to transition so that your team doesn't feel overwhelmed learning a new presentation program.


What about my V1.1 license?

When you first install and activate a MediaShout 6 upgrade, it will ask for your Version 1.1 license code (which starts with a 2032). It will only do this the first time. When you insert that, it will automatically pull over most of your V1.1 registration (which you can update or change) as well as any additional activations you have purchased along the way. It will also make your V1.1 license INACTIVE, which means you can no longer do any NEW activations of V1.1 now that you have MediaShout 6 active.  However, as stated above, any existing installations of V1.1 will continue to work as they always have. If you would prefer to have activation control over both V1.1 and MediaShout 6, we encourage you to purchase the full version of MediaShout 6 instead. If you choose this route, please make sure you contact our team and let us know both your old V1.1 code and your new MediaShout 6 full code and we will manually add any additional activations you may have already purchased to go into your MediaShout 6 account.