MediaShout 6 (Mac OSX) Change Log

To download the latest release of MediaShout 6, please visit our Downloads page!


Build 6.3.83 (Nov 7, 2023)

  1. Converted the CCLI SongSelect integration to their new interface and system for song lyric search and downloads.


Build 6.3.82 (Oct 8, 2020)

  1. Fixed issue where new script files could not be created or saved when running on MacOS Catalina.
  2. Fixed issue which prevented the display, download and installation of bibles in the Settings area.
  3. Fixed issue which caused a crash when closing MediaShout correctly.
  4. Fixed issue with editing the titles of songs in the Lyrics database.


Build 6.3.81 (December 31, 2019)

This build updates the Licensing System and is only required for users that use online activations to continue using the program. Offline Activation users are not required to update and are recommended to stay on build 6.3.80.


Build 6.3.80 (April 30, 2019)

  1. Improvement: Full Mojave OSX support (SIXMAC-1058) - includes Bold Text issue
  2. Changed the Real-Time Clock to be 12-hour. (SIXMAC-936)
  3. Fixed an issue where Minutes and Hours would show zeros on the Countdown Clock. (SIXMAC-1040)
  4. Updated the Help Tab to Remote Assistance. (SIXMAC-1035)
  5. Updated Missing Media to allow user to point to a folder and find all files within that folder. (SIXMAC-1042)
  6. Song ID added to Search Options in Insert Lyrics. (SIXMAC-737)
  7. Fixed an issue where Wrap Text and Repaginate in a Bible Cue could cause letters to be overlapped. (SIXMAC-1032)
  8. Added the Current Cue indicator to match the Windows V6 version. (SIXMAC-1050)
  9. Fixed an issue where the font settings for the Stage may not apply correctly. (SIXMAC-1056)
  10. Fixed an issue where automatic deactivation through the Info Window would not work. (SIXMAC-1063)
  11. Fixed an issue where MediaShout may not launch if there is no internet. (SIXMAC-1054)
  12. Added the Export Cue to JPEG function via right-click. (SIXMAC-1038)
  13. Fixed a random crash on close of program.


Build 6.2.73 (May 24, 2018)

PLEASE READ (even if it is Sunday morning) - This is a REQUIRED update for all users of MediaShout 6. You must update to continue using the program. Due to licensing server issues, we have had to move servers and so the old server has been shut down. You must complete this update to move servers successfully. Otherwise, MediaShout 6 will NOT reopen. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to us via email or Live Chat and we will be happy to help. We don’t want anyone to be down on Sunday morning. Thanks and be blessed!

To download Build 73 now, please click HERE.


Build 6.2.71 (April 9, 2018)

Improvement: 'Add page' button in the page area renamed to 'Add blank'.(SIXMAC-1053)
1. Fixed issue where once Italics is applied to Title, Copyright or Stage, it cannot be undone.(SIXMAC-1047)
2. Fixed issue where going to File>Missing Media causes MediaShout to crash.(SIXMAC-1048)
3. Fixed issue where the New Lyric In Script Window opens on other screen.(SIXMAC-971)
4. Fixed issue where in Insert Lyric where arrow button to change selection does not update the verses.(SIXMAC-964)
5. Fixed issue where in Insert Lyric "Add Stanza" would duplicate Stanza displaying special characters.(SIXMAC-965)
6. Fixed issue where in Insert Lyric clicking on Template in Insert Lyric Window Causes Crash.(SIXMAC-968)
7. Fixed issue where Clock Object stops during transition from page to page.(SIXMAC-912)
8. Fixed issue where formatting for bible text on Stage will be reset if check "Verse number in text".(SIXMAC-921)
9. Fixed issue where App crashes if tap on Liturgy group while Library doesn't show all elements(still downloading).(SIXMAC-875)
10. Fixed issue where App crashes when user clicks Apply to Cue on Text Box for "Christian Standard Bible".(SIXMAC-976)
11. Fixed issue where nothing is displayed while in overlay mode for certain OSX versions.(SIXMAC-773)
12. Fixed issue where Token for Real Time Clock does not update properly.(SIXMAC-938)
13. Fixed issue where Countdown Token does not allow you to enter a time.(SIXMAC-937)
14. Fixed issue where Current Template (Stage or Main) cannot be reapplied.(SIXMAC-759)
15. Fixed issue where applying a non "Bible" template to a Bible Cue doesn't maintain the superscript in verse numbers.(SIXMAC-736)
16. Fixed issue where Label Text of Liturgies not saved to Template.(SIXMAC-789)
17. Changed Default Bible Template from Dual-Dark Blue to Single-Purple Motion.(SIXMAC-740)
18. Fixed issue in Volunteer mode where if password had special characters, you cannot exit volunteer mode.(SIXMAC-967)
19. Fixed issue when in the Light theme, the Font menu does take a lot longer to open.(SIXMAC-886)
20. Fixed issue in Insert Website where typing in the address bar did not work correctly.(SIXMAC-327)
21. Added missing "Bullet Point" and "Numbering" buttons.(SIXMAC-664)
22. Fixed issue with Liturgy Template where Text Format of text box not saved to template.(SIXMAC-289)
23. Fixed issue where unchecking Reference Info in the ribbon for Bible Cue is not saved to the script.(SIXMAC-904)
24. Fixed issue where when clicking "Apply to cue" for Stage Bible main text will make verse number not superscript.(SIXMAC-920)
25. Fixed issue where clicking repaginate on Text cue causes all pages to be blanks.(SIXMAC-1033)

Build 6.2.70 (Jan. 23, 2018)

Build 70 fixes a crashing issue caused by formatting multi-page Text Cues.

Build 6.2.69 (Jan. 19, 2018)

This Build fixes a crashing issue discovered shortly after the release of Build 68, which was released on 1/15/18. The crash was caused by having Copyright Reference saved to the Default Template.

Build 68 (Jan. 15, 2018)

(New Feature) Add Icons (from V5 cue types) to V6 Cues in Script.(SIXMAC-1017)
1. Fixed issue where App crashes if same cue with audio (end with cue not checked) will be fired few times. (SIXMAC-943)
2. Fixed issue where Down arrow to the right of the gear icon in Audio Playlists does not work. (SIXMAC-719)
3. Fixed issue where In the "Insert Lyric" applet, resizing the panels is not remembered/saved. (SIXMAC-820)
4. Fixed issue where App crashes if in Lyric cue in page area when page 1 is moved to last position twice. (SIXMAC-1012)
5. Fixed issue where Adding Blank pages at the beginning AND the end of a lyric cue, saving the Template, applying a different Template, then reapplying the original Template causes an extra blank page to be added. (SIXMAC-1007)
6. Fixed issue where Main Text should be disabled on Title Page. (SIXMAC-838)
7. Fixed issue where Object Visibility should be disabled for Title. (SIXMAC-837)
8. Fixed issue where Lyric Copyright Reference does not display if "Blank" pages are placed at the beginning of the Cue. (SIXMAC-1006)
9. Fixed issue where Reference doesn't stay on page it is inserted on if another page is added in the middle of lyric. (SIXMAC-815)
10. Fixed issue where Stanza can't be moved on last position in play order. (SIXMAC-996)
11. Fixed issue where Song Group not applied correctly when making changes. (SIXMAC-850)
12. Fixed issue where Lyric inserted without changes from insert dialog if 'don't save' was chosen. (SIXMAC-990)
13. Fixed issue where Deleting a stanza from the middle section of Insert Lyric deletes the stanza for good. (SIXMAC-744)
14. Fixed issue where If you delete newly created Lyric and create new again, all content would be restored. (SIXMAC-644)
15. Fixed issue where 'Save changes' dialog in insert lyric appears every time when play order changes. (SIXMAC-995)
16. Fixed issue where Verse numbers (superscript) not applying correctly when applying Templates to Bible Cues or when inserting Bible Cues. (SIXMAC-807)
17. Fixed issue where Typing text in a Bible cue until a line needs to shift to the next line while in Allow Splitting causes the editor to lose focus. (SIXMAC-791)
18. Fixed issue where Typing text in a Bible cue until a line needs to shift to the next line while in Wrap Mode causes the editor to lose focus. (SIXMAC-790)
19. Fixed issue where Bible Reference does not display if "Blank" pages are placed at the beginning of the Cue. (SIXMAC-1005)
20. Fixed issue where Bible Cue -> One Verse Per Page causes text to be aligned left. (SIXMAC-787)
21. Fixed issue where New Blank page(s) disappears, when text is edited on the last Page. (SIXMAC-956)
22. Fixed issue where user could not delete page 1 using red X in top right after creating a page in Insert Text Window. (SIXMAC-731)
23. Fixed issue where When creating a new Text Cue, the Title of the cue should be the first line of text in the cue. (SIXMAC-840)
24. Fixed issue where Couldn't drag&drop stanza to last position (in insert lyric dialog and in page area).(SIXMAC-263)
25. Fixed issue in General Settings -> Cue Setup -> where Scale / Resize selection doesn't display correctly.(SIXMAC-490)
26. Fixed issue where Key Text Message abnormal behavior with typing/text box/text size.(SIXMAC-691)
27. Fixed issue in General Settings -> Script Tab -> where Font and Font Size do not update when pressing Apply.(SIXMAC-725)
28. Fixed issue where it was possible to resize the font so that text is cut off or pushed out of view.(SIXMAC-743)
29. Fixed issue when transporting script from Windows to Mac, the text will shift upward and change font formatting.(SIXMAC-757)
30. Fixed issue where Sections will not allow anything to be placed inside of them.(SIXMAC-758)
31. Fixed issue where Dissolve transition is not equal.(SIXMAC-788)
32. Fixed issue where Script and Page thumbnails are drawn in widescreen format regardless of Cue Setup or Main Display Resolution.(SIXMAC-805)
33. Fixed issue when copying a section with cues inside, and copying other single cues as well, it combines all cues together into the section when pasted into a new script.(SIXMAC-813)
34. Fixed issue where Script Control is not consistent when targeting audio file.(SIXMAC-817)
35. Fixed issue when Using Inherit BG Quick Cue is a hard cut. Need some transition options so the text can dissolve or fade.(SIXMAC-819)
36. Fixed issue where Moving multiple cues into a section, causes them to insert in reverse order.(SIXMAC-872)
37. Fixed issue where Copy and Pasting Multiple Sections cannot be collapsed.(SIXMAC-902)
38. Fixed issue where Cue and Page Options - Skip Page checkbox does not remain checked after exiting options window.(SIXMAC-974)
39. Fixed issue where Delete image - After adding an image, user is unable to delete image without deleting slide as well.(SIXMAC-975)
40. Fixed issue where Save script as sscx while some cue selected, pages of this cue will disappear.(SIXMAC-991)
41. Fixed issue where when using a Text object: after deleting all text from text object font color automatically change on black.(SIXMAC-997)
42. Fixed issue where adding "Blank" page to a Text Cue and adjusting Main Text causes all Pages to be "Blank" pages. (SIXMAC-1036)

Build 66 (Nov. 28, 2017)

1. NEW FEATURE: Added "Play" icons to the Insert dialog's for Lyric, Bible, Liturgies and Text.
2. NEW FEATURE: Insert dialogue for Lyric, Bible, Text and Liturgies doesn't close automatically after insertion.
3. NEW FEATURE: New Help Menu
4. IMPROVEMENT: Color for Cue Types is now applied to Pages.
5. Fixed issue where Font menu disappears on it's own, without selecting a font the first time you select it. (SIXMAC-673)
6. Fixed issue where rotated images would change their size while changing their position. (SIXMAC-698)
7. Fixed issue where clicking Repaginate will adjust the Font, Size, etc. of Main Object Text that is not the same as the Ribbon. (SIXMAC-786)
8. Fixed issue where Lyrics without a template already applied are not formatted correctly when a template is applied. (SIXMAC-939)
9. Fixed Broken Link in Cue Setup. (SIXMAC-969)
10. Fixed Broken Link in General Settings>Remote>IOS Remote Troubleshooting. (SIXMAC-983)
11. Fixed issue where Cues Created with "Import SlideShow" on Windows version did not work on the Mac version. (SIXMAC-984)
12. Iixed issue where Script Controls targeting an Audio Playlist, the target was lost when the script is closed. (SIXMAC-1001)
13. Fixed issue where Multiple objects displayed when shouldn't be. (SIXMAC-1003)

Build 65 (Oct. 16, 2017)

1. NEW FEATURE: Default Bible in Insert Bible Dialog defaults to the last used Bible during that session.
2. NEW FEATURE: Added "Media" to Insert Elements.
3. NEW FEATURE: Christian Standard Bible (CSB) has been added to the list of available Bibles.
4. Fixed issue where the Next Line in Stage Data in Bible Cue would show a Count Down timer instead of Verse number.(SIXMAC-986) 
5. Fixed issue where if Twitter dialog was open and a new script was created the program crashed.(SIXMAC-950) 
6. Fixed issue where the program would hang after adding New Lyric group(wait cursor shown).(SIXMAC-942) 
7. Fixed issue where when moving a Text Box caused formatting to change.(SIXMAC-932) 
8. Fixed issue when adding a page to a cue by using a carriage return in the Main Object will create a new page, but the cursor will not be on that page and nothing will be selected.(SIXMAC-810) 
9. Fixed issue when changing Auto Pagination option from Allow Splitting to One Verse per page would cause incorrect font formatting.(SIXMAC-316) 
10. Fixed issue where Drag and Drop for Script files from Finder to Script area was not working.(SIXMAC-922) 
11. Fixed issue where when "Keep Aspect Ratio" was checked, Custom Resolutions were not correct for "Media Objects".(SIXMAC-771) 
12. Fixed issue where next Line in Bible Cue does not have verse numbers in superscript.(SIXMAC-781) 
13. Fixed issue where if a Reference Object is set on a Blank page and some 'Visible On' is set, the Reference Object becomes invisible on all pages.(SIXMAC-682,812) 
14. Fixed issue where when turning Title Page on or off and then dragging a Stanza to a new spot in Pages Area will turn BG visibility off.(SIXMAC-701) 
15. Fixed issue where "Save to Library" does not 'appear' to do anything and the yellow triangle is not removed. But when the software is reopened, the changes are saved.(SIXMAC-774) 

Build 62 (June 19, 2017)

1. NEW FEATURE: Implemented a true Audio Balance in the Ribbon for Audio Files (SIXMAC-704, SIXMAC-832, SIXMAC-843, SIXMAC-859, SIXMAC-874)
2. NEW FEATURE: Added an auto-update option from within MediaShout (SIXMAC-705)
3. NEW FEATURE: Added a Countdown / Clock Object that can be applied to cues and has flashing and red options. (SIXMAC-707, SIXMAC-897)
4. NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to add new, rename, duplicate, or delete stanzas from the Ribbon (SIXMAC-721)
5. Fixed a rare crash when exiting MS by red X in left top corner or by exit from menu. (SIXMAC-2)
6. Implemented "Reset MediaShout" and "Clear File History". (SIXMAC-225)
7. Fixed an issue where copying and pasting formatted text (i.e. from a website or Office) into the Insert Text pop-up will show up incorrectly on the left. (SIXMAC-284)
8. Fixed an issue where text or it's effects go over the edge of the text box, it gets cut off. (SIXMAC-286)
9. Improved the navigation speed of web pages inside the program. (SIXMAC-300)
10. Added Shadow and Outline for Reference Objects (SIXMAC-319)
11. Fixed an issue with Bible Cues -> Verse Numbers in Text (57197, SIXMAC-332)
12. Fixed an issue where Overlay Mode was not blocking the Menu Bar at top or Icon Ribbon at bottom/side in OSX (SIXMAC-345)
13. Fixed an issue where some lyrics were present after relaunch of MS even if all lyrics were previously deleted. (SIXMAC-354)
14. Fixed an issue where SongSelect may ask for authorization every time (even if correctly entered). (SIXMAC-355)
15. Fixed an issue where adding a double space between words as the only edit would not save changes. (SIXMAC-361)
16. Fixed an issue when changing the name of a Lyric in the Cue Options and then clicking Save, it would add it as a duplicate in the library instead of overwriting the original. (SIXMAC-363)
17. Significant UI Improvements when creating a New Lyric in the Insert Lyric Window. (SIXMAC-411)
18. Fixed an issue where using Tab in a Lyric Cue to create a hanging indent is removed when you select a different page/cue. (SIXMAC-452)
19. Fixed a rare issue in Cloud Sync where a warning message 'No such file or directory' appears, when a synchronized script is dragged from Cloud to script area. (SIXMAC-473)
20. Fixed the Apply to Cue in Stage Options to operate as expected. (SIXMAC-492)
21. Fixed an issue where resizing the Script or Viewer Areas did not increase the size of the Pages Thumbnails. (SIXMAC-623)
22. Fixed an issue where Outline was not being applied to Song Tokens or Bible Tokens (SIXMAC-624)
23. Fixed an issue where "Visible On" may not save after reopening the script. (SIXMAC-627)
24. Fixed a crash where if you type in web address nonsense like "qwertsgncbnvnv" and clicking play (or enter). (SIXMAC-633)
25. Fixed an issue where the Audio Playlist would continue playing even after Stop All was clicked. (SIXMAC-634)
26. Fixed an issue where the Main Text would shift up or down after deselecting in the editor. (SIXMAC-638)
27. Fixed an issue when 'one verse per paragraph' is set and Dual Bible is checked/unchecked a few times in ribbon bar, empty pages could be added between verses. (SIXMAC-641)
28. Fixed a rare crash when selecting "saving as" on a lyric template. (SIXMAC-653)
29. UI Improvements with the Edit Area showing strange artifacts behind the editor. (SIXMAC-654)
30. Fixed an issue when using the Bible cue, the Previous/Next page doesn't work from the "Add Page" edit menu when right clicking in the page area. (SIXMAC-659)
31. Fixed a random crash when resizing the viewer area. (SIXMAC-663)
32. Fixed an issue where the color for Text shadow would be ignored for text (always white) if direction was set between 181-89 (SIXMAC-671)
33. Fixed an issue where MediaShout may crash after double-clicking the "SongSelect" group. (SIXMAC-681)
34. Fixed an issue where the Text alignment for the stage display would follow what is set on the main display (SIXMAC-688)
35. Fixed a rare crash when assigning a new template type before saving a template and selecting the text check box. (SIXMAC-693)
36. Fixed a crash when tapping on any button on template tab if cue was deselected. (SIXMAC-696)
37. Improvements when the International Non/US Phone Number in the registration window. (SIXMAC-697)
38. Added a user confirmation prompt after tapping on Clear File History. (SIXMAC-699)
39. Added a user confirmation prompt after tapping on Reset MediaShout. (SIXMAC-700)
40. Fixed an issue where turning the Title Page on or off and then dragging a Stanza to a new spot in Pages Area would turn BG visibility off. (SIXMAC-701)
41. Updated to the Dropbox API Version 2 (SIXMAC-702)
42. Added additional cloud services (OneDrive and Google Drive). (SIXMAC-703)
43. Fixed an issue where the Save Folder was not being assigned correctly. (SIXMAC-714)
44. Fixed an issue where Reset MediaShout would not reset all settings as expected (SIXMAC-718)
45. Fixed an issue where choosing Default Script -> None wouldn't work (SIXMAC-720)
46. Fixed an issue when rotating a Text Box, the Thumbnail image for the cue and page would turn gray and not return (SIXMAC-723).
47. Fixed an issue where General Settings->Script Tab->Scroll Script To... wouldn't work (SIXMAC-724)
48. Fixed an issue where you were unable to delete stanzas in the Arrangement Window when there was a scroll bar (SIXMAC-729)
49. Fixed an issue with General Settings: script tab -> default script -> specific File. (SIXMAC-745)
50. Added the ability to choose a .SSCX file when choosing Specific script in General Settings. (SIXMAC-746)
51. Fixed an issue when choosing a font size between 26 and 47 and then hitting Apply to Cue would decrease the font size 1 point at a time until you get to 25. (SIXMAC-751)
52. Fixed an issue where the Title page information and other reference objects would not allow Text Outline FX. (SIXMAC-753)
53. Fixed a rare issue where the scroll bar for the script area would disappear and would prevent the user from scrolling. (SIXMAC-755)
54. UI Improvements with the Lyric Reporting window. (SIXMAC-756)
55. Fixed a crash when closing MediaShout while in Edit Stage mode. (SIXMAC-760)
56. Fixed a couple of issues where the Mac System Chime would occur when playing cues. (SIXMAC-763, SIXMAC-764)
57. Fixed a crash when clicking on pages while in the "Insert Text" dialog. (SIXMAC-766)
58. Fixed an issue where Lyrics in Insert Lyric dialog may not be displayed until you click on "Lyric Library". (SIXMAC-769)
59. Fixed an issue where renaming a stanza (Verse 1a, 1b) only "a" stanza would be renamed while stanza "1b" would still be present. (SIXMAC-775)
60. Fixed a rare issue with Cloud Sync where Cues and Scripts with non-English names couldn't be opened on different computers. (SIXMAC-777)
61. Fixed an issue in Cloud Sync where Bible Cues uploaded from Mac cannot be opened on Windows (SIXMAC-778)
62. Fixed an issue where a Cloud Sync "error" status would appear randomly if 10 or more files were uploaded/downloaded at the same time. (SIXMAC-779)
63. Fixed an issue where Custom Text settings may not show on the Stage (SIXMAC-780)
64. Fixed an issue where the Transition setting "Fade->through black" and "through white" would act like a Cut. (SIXMAC-784)
65. Fixed an issue in Cloud Sync where the "Broken or missing media" triangle would appear on cues packed on another computer and then opened from Cloud Sync. (SIXMAC-785)
66. UI improvements with the Announcement Loop -> Auto-Advance Time settings (SIXMAC-801)
67. UI Improvements when inserting a page break on the bottom line of text on a page. (SIXMAC-809)
68. Fixed an issue when a Fire Box item (Quick Cues, Stop All, Clear Main) is fired using the mouse, the space bar would no longer work to advance the script (SIXMAC-814)
69. Fixed a Cloud Sync login issue that would cause the process to not complete (SIXMAC-841, SIXMAC-892)
70. Fixed a rare crash when on a lyric, bible, or text cue, then unchecking Bible in Templates and quickly unchecking another cue type. (SIXMAC-851)
71. Fixed an issue where the Audio->End With Cue setting would be applied to all audio cues. (SIXMAC-854, SIXMAC-877)
72. Fixed an issue where you may have to click the speaker icon twice for the audio properties to show in the ribbon bar. (SIXMAC-855, SIXMAC-865)
73. Fixed an issue where Sort mode may not allow you to sort or move slides around. (SIXMAC-857)
74. UI Improvements in the Reset Planning Center dialog (SIXMAC-859)
75. Created a new introduction script to provide better information for users. (SIXMAC-868)
76. Fixed an issue where adding text in the middle section of the Insert text dialog could cause an issue with the play order. (SIXMAC-869)
77. Fixed a rare issue where empty songs are added to Lyric Library every time MediaShout is opened. (SIXMAC-870)
78. Fixed a crash if you add a new group in the Insert Liturgy window. (SIXMAC-870)
79. Significant improvements in transitions on Mac to better match Windows. (SIXMAC-873)
80. Fixed an issue when choosing a font size 18 and then hitting the Apply to Cue button would decrease the font size by 1 point. (SIXMAC-880)
81. Fixed an issue where using verse numbers could causes issues with text alignment on the stage display. (SIXMAC-882)
82. UI Improvements with Templates that prevent a user saving a templates for Media cues accidentally. (SIXMAC-883)
83. UI Improvements with the Page Area to better match the Windows version. (SIXMAC-885)
84. UI Improvements for Stage display where the "Apply to cue" button was renamed to "Apply to All" to better match its function (SIXMAC-887)
85. UI Improvements where any Cue Type that is selected that is not a Bible, Lyric, Text, or Liturgy, then the Main Templates are grayed out (since they don't apply). (SIXMAC-889)
86. Fixed an issue where Lyric>Synchronize in Cloud Sync may not work (SIXMAC-893)
87. Fixed a rare issue where the Text on every other page may not be displayed in cues with "Main Text" (SIXMAC-894)
88. Fixed a crash when a few audio files with cover image meta data are dragged from Finder to a script and the Speaker icon is selected for one of them in the Edit Area. (SIXMAC-899)
89. UI Improvements in the registration window. (SIXMAC-907)
90. Fixed a rare crash when a script with a 'Not found' size is downloaded from Cloud and is then drug to the script area. (SIXMAC-909)
91. Fixed an issue with Stage Template on Bibles when using Verse numbers. (SIXMAC-913)
92. UI Improvement wit resizing of Pages Area. (SIXMAC-915)
93. Fixed an issue where if the 2nd display became disconnected, MediaShout would go to Overlay Mode and only allow firing. (SIXMAC-916)
94. Fixed a crash when using Lyric->Synchronize with cloud. (SIXMAC-917)
95. UI Improvement to allow drag and drop for a script from Cloud Sync to the script area if there is no open script. (SIXMAC-919)
96. Fixed an issue where Text Outline wasn't applied to Verse Numbers in Bible cues. (SIXMAC-669)
97. Fixed an issue when clicking Cancel on the Insert Lyric dialog could cause MediaShout to become unresponsive. (SIXMAC-931)
98. Fixed an issue where the Default template was not applied when adding Lyrics from SongSelect. (SIXMAC-733)
99. Fixed an issue where opening Scripts with Lyrics may cause duplicates to be added to the library. (SIXMAC-783)
100. Fixed an issue where Templates> Set as Default may not work. (SIXMAC-926)
101. Fixed an issue where Extra Line Breaks could be added when applying templates. (SIXMAC-924)
102. Fixed an issue where changing Books of the Bible would reset the Start Verse. (SIXMAC-905)
103. Fixed a rare issue where the Text Cursor is the wrong color against the background. (SIXMAC-925)
104. Fixed an issue with pagination on lyrics downloaded from SongSelect. (SIXMAC-929)
105. Fixed a rare issue where Video Cues Main Display could show on the Stage Display Edit Area. (SIXMAC-689)
106. Fixed a crash in the Insert Lyrics when jumping between Content Area (middle) and Play Order (right). (SIXMAC-928)
107. Fixed an issue where importing Lyrics from an SSC files could cause MediaShout to lock up. (SIXMAC-923)
108. Fixed a rare issue where resizing the Control Window could cause MediaShout to crash. (SIXMAC-927)

Build 51 (January 16, 2017)

1. Fixed an issue where you couldn't select a Reference Object in some cases (SIXMAC-646)
2. Added the ability to insert References Objects in the Cue, Page, and Edit Area (SIXMAC-679)
3. Updated the Font Selector in the Edit Stage Area to be faster (SIXMAC-422)
4. Fixed an issue where centered text in a token that was forced to a second line would left allign the next line (SIXMAC-282)
5. Fixed an issue where the default template wouldn't retain after closing and opening MS (SIXMAC-625)
6. Fixed an error that would occur when dragging a MS Script file to or from MS (SIXMAC-557)
7. Improved the Zoom Function of the Mask Editor (SIXMAC-464)
8. Fixed an issue where scaling of masks could be incorrect (SIXMAC-469)
9. Fixed a UI issue when selecting a video in the Edit Area (SIXMAC-570)
10. Improved the saving of Masks in the Mask Editor (SIXMAC-676)
11. Fixed an issue where masks wouldn't extend all the way to the edge in certain resolutions (SIXMAC-622)
12. Fixed an issue with Overlay Mode sometimes not working when only one monitor is connected (SIXMAC-285)
13. Fixed an issue where the Main Program Viewer may not show the video playing when in 2 or 3 screen mode (SIXMAC-678)
14. Fixed a rare issue where it is impossible to save a New Script (SIXMAC-549)
15. Fixed an issue where the Web Camera would not appear in MS if it wasn't turned on before launch (SIXMAC-507)
16. Fixed an issue where importing lyrics from ProPresenter 5 and 6 may not set the correct text alignment (SIXMAC-257)
17. Fixed an issue where a small outline was on all text, even when outline was not selected (SIXMAC-680)
18. Fixed an issue where auto-saved .SSCX files may not reopen after an MS crash (SIXMAC-695)
19. Improved the auto-saved file recovery process (SIXMAC-694)
20. Fixed a rare issue where MS would crash when resizing the Control Screen window (SIXMAC-690)
21. Added communication with users when their activation lease is expiring (SIXMAC-686)
22. UI Improvements in the Page Properties window (SIXMAC-684)
23. UI Improvements to the Cloud Sync and Audio Playlists dialog boxes (SIXMAC-674)
24. Major improvements with the Cloud Sync function (SIXMAC-667)
25. Added the ability to drag Media Files from Finder directly to a page in the Page Area to add it as an object (SIXMAC-661)
26. Fixed a UI issue in the Playback Mode dropdown (SIXMAC-620)
27. Corrected an issue with the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible file (SIXMAC-628)
28. Fixed an issue where installing updates could reset the QuickCues back to default (SIXMAC-568)
29. Fixed an issue where rotated images may not display correctly (SIXMAC-563)
30. UI Improvements with the Worskpace (SIXMAC-617), Page Options (SIXMAC-605), Scrollbars (SIXMAC-608), Dropdown Menus (SIXMAC-603), Checkboxes (SIXMAC-601), Mask buttons (SIXMAC-599), Key Controls (SIXMAC-596), Cue and Page Options Windows (SIXMAC-579), Cut/Copy/Paste Function (SIXMAC-584), File Menu (SIXMAC-588), Font Formatting Area in the Ribbon (SIXMAC-590), Remote Settings Tab (SIXMAC-606), Script Settings Tab (SIXMAC-607), and Warning dialog boxes (SIXMAC-616)

Build 49 (December 12, 2016)

1. UI Improvements
2. General Stability Improvements
3. Fixed an issue where the program may crash after 1.5-2 hours of looping the same script (SIXMAC-543)
4. Fixed an issue where a computer with multiple accounts could have issues with activation (SIXMAC-545)
5. Added a progress bar and counter in the Lyric Synchronization window (SIXMAC-525)
6. Added a Required Field Indicator in the Registration Box for both Trial and Activation (SIXMAC-519)
7. Fixed a crash in VJ mode when dragging Media from the Browse area to a Container (SIXMAC-561)
8. Improved the Activation dialog where if not all fields are filled correctly, a warning sign will be shown near this field (SIXMAC-404)
9. Fixed a crash when exiting if VJ-mode was open (SIXMAC-504)
10. Fixed an issue where Mirror Main on the Stage Display wouldn't work (SIXMAC-553)
11. Fixed a crash where if you try to delete script while it is in the process of uploading to the cloud (SIXMAC-521)
12. Fixed an issue where tapping on a video in the editor after it played could cause the program to hang (SIXMAC-565)
13. Fixed an issue where software can crash MediaShout when Inserting Lyrics or Liturgies (SIXMAC-520)
14. Fixed an issue where Pro6plx files may not open in MS (SIXMAC-535)
15. Fixed an issue where End of Media may not work (SIXMAC-551)
16. Fixed an issue where Importing Lyrics from a .SSC file with more than just Lyric Cues could crash MS (SIXMAC-402)
17. Added the ability to adjust major columns in the Insert Lyric dialog window (SIXMAC-445)
18. Fixed an issue where renamed SSCX files would no longer open (SIXMAC-531)
19. Fixed an issue where inserting Special Characters could lock up MediaShout (SIXMAC-517)
20. Fixed an issue in Edit Stage where if the font color of text on Chorus is changed and 'Apply to Cue' button is pressed on Ribbon bar>Font, font color will be applied only for current page (SIXMAC-555)
21. Fixed an issue where clicking outside the Insert Lyric Dialog and then clicking on red button to close the Insert Lyric window could crash MediaShout (SIXMAC-537)
22. Fixed an issue where the same SSCX could not be opened more than 3 times (SIXMAC-547)
23. Fixed an issue where the Timed Advanced could not be set longer than 90 seconds (SIXMAC-552)
24. Fixed an issue in Lyric Synchronization where if the synchronization dialog is closed using the red X button, the sync process will continue until completed (SIXMAC-524)
25. Fixed an issue where the Export Lyric wouldn't work for multiple selections (SIXMAC-554)
26. Fixed a crash when an SSCX script is renamed and tried to reopen (SIXMAC-546)
27. Fixed a crash caused when lyric pages are deleted by the Delete key too fast (SIXMAC-566)
28. Fixed a crash where the after installing, the incorrect default path for exporting lyrics would fail during export (SIXMAC-619)
29. Fixed an issue where if you logged in to PCO and select it in the list, PCO will disappear (SIXMAC-626)
30. Fixed an issue where it was difficult to choose certain audio playlists in a Script Control (SIXMAC-558)
31. Fixed an issue where in a Script Control Cue -> Audio Playlist is grayed out in the Cue Options and the Ribbon (SIXMAC-511)
32. Major improvements to the Time Trigger feature (SIXMAC-68)
33. Fixed an issue where it became impossible to assign template on lyric, if this specific template was already assigned on another lyric in this script (SIXMAC-456)
34. Fixed an issue where entered text in the Lyric Info may not appear in the Insert Lyric Window (SIXMAC-562)
35. Fixed a crash when choosing a Playlist in Script control and immediately firing it (SIXMAC-550)
36. Fixed a crash where Undo is pressed until there are no more edits left to undo (SIXMAC-567)
37. Fixed an issue where Mac Scripts packed to cloud with non-English names are then unable to be opened (SIXMAC-548)
38. Fixed an issue where Mac to PC Lyric Synchronization could have failures incorrectly (SIXMAC-538)
39. Improved the "Stage Mirrors Main by default" on Settings tab of the Ribbon to duplicate the functionality of "Stage display should always Mirror the Main Display" in general settings Display tab (SIXMAC-569)
40. Fixed an issue where if the size of a Viewer was changed via dragging left and right side, the Viewer could be shown as divided into two parts (SIXMAC-560)
41. Fixed an issue where "Save to Library" and "Refresh from Library" should be disabled if the lyric was removed or doesn't exist in the Library (SIXMAC-516)
42. Fixed an issue where some imported lyrics from ProPresenter could have strange symbols in the text (SIXMAC-510)
43. Fixed an issues where the Visible On settings were not applying from the Template correctly (SIXMAC-461)
44. Fixed a rare issue when horizontal scroll bars are added to a list, you can't scroll to the bottom of the list since it is covered by the scroll bar (SIXMAC-351)
45. Fixed an issue where the Insert Lyric Pop-up vertical scroll bar could cover the delete stanza icon (SIXMAC-324)
46. Added the "Add Stanzas" text near the Add Stanza button in the Ribbon (SIXMAC-261)
47. Fixed an issue where the "Visible on" wasn't appearing in the Ribbon after tapping on a reference object (SIXMAC-660)
48. Fixed an issue where assigning a template to an existing cue could cause pages to disappear (SIXMAC-645)
49. Fixed a crash in the Insert Lyric window when deleting stanzas from the Play Order (SIXMAC-643)
50. Fixed an issue where some of the font names are too big to fit in the font list (SIXMAC-371)


Build 45 (October 21, 2016)

1. Fixed an issue where running scripts and looping could cause a crash
2. General Stability Improvements with the program and UI


Build 44 (September 21, 2016)

1. Fixed an issue where Masks no longer appear when you turn them on (SIXMAC-512)
2. Fixed an issue where .SSCX files created on Mac fail to open on PC (SIXMAC-513)
3. Overall improvement with Audio playlist (SIXMAC-56)
4. Fixed an rare issue where you can't add audio to a playlist (SIXMAC-57)
5. Fixed a crash when you delete 2 or more playlists at same time (SIXMAC-441)
6. Fixed an issue where dragging the text box boundary will affect the location of the text box as well as move other boundaries (SIXMAC-515)
7. Fixed an issue with Presets where text on the Title page is missing if the preset was assigned to the Title page (SIXMAC-466)
8. Fixed an issue where inserting an image that is not 16x10 into a cue with it set to Full Scale squishes the cue (SIXMAC-290)
9. NEW FEATURE - Main Objects now allow presets like Templates in V4.x (SIXMAC-465)
10. Fixed an issue where Presets would not save text formatting correctly if changes weren't applied in the text box (SIXMAC-467)
11. NEW FEATURE - added the ability to save a .SSCX file that contains all media embedded (SIXMAC-529)
12. Added a Mac File association for .SSCX scripts (SIXMAC-523)
13. Fixed an issue where Packed Scripts (and Cloud Scripts) may add an extra folder and then will not open due to the wrong file path (SIXMAC-514)
14. Fixed a bug where fields in the missing media dialog, script properties, Cloud sync, etc. were able to be edited (SIXMAC-506)
15. Fixed a crash after closing the Service Schedule window in Lyric Reporting (SIXMAC-505)
16. Fixed an issue where .SSCX files created on Mac with non-english name objects failed to open on Windows (SIXMAC-518)
17. Added the ability to import Bible Cues that were exported from ProPresenter (SIXMAC-532
18. Added the ability to open Pro6x files (SIXMAC-533)
19. Fixed an issue where Pro6x files with accents in name failed to open (SIXMAC-534)
20. NEW FEATURE - Auto-save feature added in case of crash (SIXMAC-536)
21. NEW FEATURE - Ability to Sync Lyrics using the Cloud Function between multiple computers (Mac and Windows)
22. Fixed an issue when synchronizing Lyrics that the dialog never confirms that the sync is "finished" (SIXMAC-539)
23. Fixed a rare issue where changes for the selected Main text would not apply (SIXMAC-540)
24. Fixed an issue where in the References for Bibles: The token "Version Abbr." does not work correctly (SIXMAC-541)
25. Fixed an issue where in the References for Bibles: The token "Book Ch:Vv (Version Abbr.)" uses the full version name and not the abbreviated version (SIXMAC-542)
26. Fixed a crash that would occur after deleting the reference from Bible Cue (SIXMAC-544)
27. Fixed an issue where .SSC and .SSCX files failed to open from cloud via drag and drop (SIXMAC-530)


Build 42 (August 9, 2016) - LIMITED RELEASE

1. Fixed a rare crash when dragging stanzas from the center column to the play order in the Insert Lyric box (SIXMAC-491)
2. Major Improvements with Planning Center Online integration in the Insert Lyric box (SIXMAC-246, SIXMAC-508)
3. Added the ability to delete items in the Cloud Sync (SIXMAC-455)
4. Fixed an error that may occur when linking with SongSelect (SIXMAC-195)
5. Added the ability to choose "Replace Selected Cue" in the Insert Boxes (SIXMAC-487, SIXMAC-502)
6. Fixed an issue where an inserted cue was added at the bottom of the script instead of after the selected cue (SIXMAC-488)
7. Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a sub-verse of the last stanza in the play order (SIXMAC-503)
8. Added the ability to move a Blank Page in the Page Area of a Bible Cue (SIXMAC-496)
9. Fixed an issue where the General Settings->Lyrics Tab were not saving (SIXMAC-501)
10. Fixed an issue where choosing Import All Lyrics may still skip duplicates (SIXMAC-250)
11. Fixed an issue where the Insert Liturgy box would start collapsed (SIXMAC-493)
12. Fixed an issue where the Liturgy Library would not be selected (SIXMAC-494)
13. Fixed an issue where the Cloud Sync may show the incorrect elements (SIXMAC-387)
14. Fixed a crash when deactivating MediaShout 6 (SIXMAC-277)
15. Fixed an issue where Live Feed may only play a single frame and freeze (SIXMAC-313)


Build 41 (July 27, 2016)

1. NEW FEATURE - Added Text Box Outline and Fill Controls
2. NEW FEATURE - Improved the ability to select Bible Cues on the fly from the Ribbon (Type-In box)
3. NEW FEATURE - Added the ability to edit Cue/Page properties for multiple selections
4. NEW FEATURE - Added a Clear Main button to quickly clear the main text box (can be controlled with F3)
5. NEW FEATURE - Added a Missing Media function in the File Menu and when opening a script file where it can't find all media
6. NEW FEATURE - Added the ability to see a quick glance of the cues in the Script via Script Properties in the File Menu
7. Fixed an issue with Stop All in VJ-Mode (SIXMAC-498)
8. Fixed an issue where Quick Cues wouldn't save in some cases (SIXMAC-499)
9. Added both Spanish and French program languages to the software
10. Fixed an issue where SHIFT+RETURN could corrupt the script when it was reopened (SIXMAC-483)
11. Added Pastor Print Mode to Script Printing Options (SIXMAC-103)
12. Removed capability for Slideshow and Live Video elements (future progress in place) - (SIXMAC-459)
13. Fixed an issue with the "La Biblia de las Americas" bible (SIXMAC-480)
14. Added Sort View to Control Screen (SIXMAC-212)
15. Improved Script Printing Option controls (SIXMAC-101, SIXMAC-102, SIXMAC-104)
16. Added Hymnal Number option in Cue Options as well as when creating a new Lyric (SIXMAC-454)
17. Fixed an issue where the default Bible Template was not being applied (SIXMAC-462)
18. Updated Template Ribbon bar to include Title Bar of individual templates (SIXMAC-314)
19. Fixed an issue where the Countdown Clock was not accurate on timing (SIXMAC-448)
20. Added Countdown Clock as a token on the Stage Monitor (SIXMAC-476)
21. Fixed an issue where using the Reset in the FX button would change the object opacity to 50% (SIXMAC-450)
22. Fixed the date modified to be mm/dd/yyyy (SIXMAC-484)
23. Fixed an issue where sorting by modified date was incorrect (SIXMAC-486)
24. Fixed an issue where Right-Clicking->Skip Page in the Page Area didn't actually skip (SIXMAC-442)
25. User Interface improvements when Changing the BG or Inserting an Object on the selected cue (SIXMAC-482)
26. Fixed an issue where changing the BG for a Lyric may not save to the library (SIXMAC-443)
27. Fixed an issue where the Insert Token Menu could disappear when working in the Stage View (SIXMAC-477)
28. Updated the deletion of lyrics in the Insert Lyric dialog (SIXMAC-380)
29. Fixed an issue where the slide bars in the FX Box would stop working (SIXMAC-449)
30. Added sorting to columns in the Cloud Sync box (SIXMAC-388)
31. Fixed an resolution issue when using 1600x1200 on your Cue Setup (SIXMAC-266)
32. Fixed an issue where the Liturgy Cue Color would not follow the settings (SIXMAC-485)


Build 34 (June 7, 2016)

1. Fixed a bug where Outline Opacity was fixed at 50% instead of 100% (SIXMAC-318)
2. Fixed a bug where the verse numbers in Bible Cues was SubScript instead of SuperScript (SIXMAC-379)
3. Implemented Custom Notes for Cue Pages (SIXMAC-397)
4. Added Brightness, Contrast, and Color Control for Image Objects in the FX box (SIXMAC-406)
5. Fixed an issue where MediaShout could end up in a crash loop and not restart correctly (SIXMAC-340)
6. Fixed an issue where an extra line break was added at the end of each Stanza when adding a lyric to the database (SIXMAC-439)
7. Fixed an issue where the number of lines in the Main Text Box could be inconsistent (SIXMAC-440)
8. Fixed an issue that when you closed MediaShout but chose not to save the current script, a crash report was created (SIXMAC-438)
9. Added support for Retina Displays (SIXMAC-409)
10. Fixed a crash when trying to use the Audio Playlist window (SIXMAC-432)
11. Adjusted the effects for objects to be less drastic and more like the Windows version (SIXMAC-451)
12. Fixed an issue where the confirmation window in Cloud Sync when overwriting an existing file would not appear correctly (SIXMAC-436)
13. Fixed an issue where having a number at the end of the Script file name would increase on each pack (SIXMAC-434)
14. Made the cursor visible on the Stage Monitor (SIXMAC-421)
15. Added the Default Template pin icon to the Insert Dialog windows (SIXMAC-418)
16. Fixed an issue where Approving Tweets Automatically in Twitter may not work (SIXMAC-393)
17. Updated phrasing for the Tweet Filter List (SIXMAC-391)
18. Fixed an issue where using the Collapse Workspace would collapse the wrong icons (SIXMAC-323)
19. Updated the Reference Objects in the pre-existing Bible Templates (SIXMAC-202)
20. Fixed an issue where the Default Presets for Text Boxes was not applying in all cases (SIXMAC-139)
21. Fixed an issue where the Lyric Search Field may not return the correct results (SIXMAC-13)
22. Fixed an issue where Templates, Presets, and Masks would not delete properly (SIXMAC-417)
23. Fixed an issue where some users couldn't log into or out of the Cloud Sync dialog (SIXMAC-470)


Build 33 (May 17, 2016)

1. Original Launch Build