Where Are All My Bibles?

MediaShout 6 Trial:  MediaShout comes with 67+ translations of the Bible.  However, during the trial, you will only have access to the King James Version of the Bible.  MediaShout must pay the publishers of those 67+ translations of the Bible.  So, we cannot allow access until you have purchased MediaShout.


Purchased:  If you have already purchased MediaShout 6 and have a license for more than one computer, you now have access to all 67+ translations of the Bible!  However, you may not want all of those.  To download the Bibles that you and your church would like to use, simply go to "Settings" - "General Settings" - "Bibles".  From here, you will scroll down through the Bibles you would like, then click the download button to the right.  It usually takes about 5 seconds to download each Bible.  Once it is downloaded, you will see it appear to the right side.  Then you can go back to "Insert Bible" and you will now see it listed.


List of Bibles In MediaShout 6