Deactivating Mediashout 6 on Mac

If you plan on upgrading computers or otherwise moving to another computer that you want to put Mediashout 6 on, you can deactivate it on your old computer to free up one of your activations. A standard license comes with 3 activations for 3 computers to have Mediashout 6 running at a time, unless you have purchased additional activations.

You must actually "deactivate" Mediashout 6 to free up an activation, rather than just uninstalling it. To do so, use the following steps:

1) Open Mediashout

2) Go to the "i" in the top right corner

3) Take note of the license code beginning with "3555..." to enter into the next computer

4) Click "Deactivate"

Whether you remove Mediashout 6 from the computer or not, the software will now be deactivated.