Setting up Mediashout on Mac from beginning to end

Here is a comprehensive list of instructions to follow for setting up Mediashout 6 on your Mac.

1) Download Mediashout 6 from

2) Run the .dmg installer package

3) Make sure your display settings are correct:

     a) Go to System Preferences

     b) Go to Mission Control and make sure "Displays have separate spaces" is UNCHECKED. It may require a          log out/log in if you had to uncheck it.

     c) Back in System Preferences, click on Displays then the "Arrangement" tab from the middle

     d) Make sure the check box for "Mirror Displays" is UNCHECKED in the lower left corner

4) Open Mediashout 6 from your Applications folder and go to the "Settings" tab at the top

5) Click on General Settings, then go to the "Displays" tab. Make sure the Main Program is set to the display that you want your congregation to see (your projector, TV, etc.) and your Control is set to the screen you want your operator to see (your computer monitor). If you have a Stage Display, make sure that is correct as well. Then click OK.

6) Back on the "Settings" tab at the top of Mediashout, change the drop down box that says "1 Display" to "2 Displays" if you have just your computer and the congregation screen, or "3 Displays" if you have a stage/confidence monitor.

7) Double click any cue to fire it to the screen. If you see that the displays are switched around (receiving video intended for another display) then you can go back to step 5 and flip them around to change them until you get them matched up correctly.

You are good to go! For issues with screen resolution, see our other Knowledge Base articles.