Creating an Announcement Loop in a Script

You may want to create an announcement loop within your Sunday morning script, or even run them as a loop within a separate script. Here's some quick steps to do so!

1) If you already have your main worship service script open, hit the plus button to the right of it, to create a new script. You can call this script "announcements" for instance.

2) Add your announcement cues to the script. This can be media files like pictures that you drag in from a folder on your computer, text cues that you create in MediaShout, etc.

3) Select all the cues by clicking the top one, then holding shift, scrolling down, and clicking the bottom one.

4) Click the down arrow in the top right corner of any of the selected cues, and change the drop down selection box (either showing blank or manual at first) from manual to "timed." Adjust the seconds as needed. The default will be 5 seconds.

5) If all the cues in the announcement script are timed, you're done! If you're doing this within a larger script where some cues are NOT timed, you'll need one last thing: 

Go to the Insert Elements button and choose to insert a "Script Control" below your last announcement. Click the down arrow on it and on the popup, set the target to your first announcement cue, and make sure the behavior is set to "loop." That's it!