Using Pads or Cross-Fading Audio Tracks in Cues

Although Pads have been around for a while, we are just now seeing an increase of users actually using them. The instructions below should show you how to apply them so they cross-fade from one Lyric cue to another. This also applies to any other audio file you may like to use.


First insert your Lyric Cues and make sure you have a blank at the end. To do this, right click the last stanza and select Add Page/Blank. Then for each Lyric you want Pads applied to, do the following.

1. Open your File Explorer Window and navigate to where you store your audio files.
2. Drag and drop the audio file onto the cue in the script (not a page in the cue). When it hazes over, let go. (notice the change in the Ribbon is now set to edit the audio).
3. In the Formatting section, Uncheck End With Cue
4. Click Object Visibility and uncheck the Blank at end.
5. In Pages, select second to last page (the last stanza page just before the blank at the end).
6. Click the Speaker Icon (maybe once or twice) so you have audio settings in the ribbon again.
7. Set the Fade out to 10
8. Then in the pages area click the button ion the upper right corner of the last Blank
9. Change it from Manual to Timed, and set the time to 00:00

Also note, if you run your script in compact view, replace steps 1 & 2 with these and then proceed to step 3 .
1. Select the Lyric cue and go to Insert Object/Audio
2. Navigate to the file and click Open
3. Select Object Visibility and select Show on All

Everything else should be the same.

That's it. Repeat this process for each set of Audio/Lyric set you have.