Slideshow Option Disabled

You may have noticed that the Slidshow option is disabled. This is because there is currently no way to actually insert one at this time. Unfortunately, what keeps the Mac OS free from many bugs and issues also prevents programs like ours from opening and controlling programs in the background (like in Windows) like PowerPoint, Keynote, and DVD playback. It is a limitation of the OS and we don't currently have a way to do anything with it. However, the developers are working on an alternative method for inserting Slideshows for both the Mac and Windows version so that you can do everything natively in MS, but that is still a ways away.

If you take a look around, you will find we aren't the only one that struggles with this. The guys at Renewed Vision (ProPresenter) face the same issue.

For now, what we suggest is saving the Slideshows as jpegs. You can then insert the images into the script. You will lose any animations and transitions, but you will have your presentation. If you are working on looping announcements, there is also the ability in PowerPoint to save your presentation as a video file and that will keep all your animations, transitions and timings in there.

Due to the recent updates from Microsoft for Windows 10 and Office, we are also having issues on the Windows side as well. The article in the link below will have more information on this.

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