Syncing your script to the cloud in MediaShout 6

Syncing to the cloud allows users in different locations to share scripts and co-author presentations.  You will need to first sign up for one of the Cloud services supported by MediaShout:  DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

In MediaShout, go to the Advanced Tab > Sync to Cloud, select the cloud service you are using and then Sign In to it using your established username and password.

Once you have a script ready to send to the cloud follow the steps below.

1)  Go to the File Menu > Pack Current Script to Cloud.  When this is successful click OK to continue.

2)  Go to your Advanced Tab > Sync to Cloud.  The script you just packed to the cloud will be there, with a cloud icon to the right with an "up" arrow.  Click the "up" arrow to complete the upload to the cloud.  The title section of that line will show it's progress by turning blue.

3)  Other users can then go to their Advanced Tab > Sync to Cloud and see that script, now with a cloud icon with a "down" arrow.  They can select the "down" arrow to download it from the cloud.

4)  If that user is making changes/additions to the script, they can repeat steps 1 and 2 above so other users can access the file.