Display Setup Tool for MediaShout 6


It can sometimes be confusing or difficult to configure the display settings for MediaShout in certain display configurations, so we've created a tool that will assist you with that task. It is very simple to use, and you can't hurt anything with it, but there are a couple important things to know beforehand:

  • This only runs on 64 bit Windows.
  • You need to have all of your displays connected to the computer when you run this. You can't configure settings for a display that is not currently connected.
  • The tool needs to be run before you run MediaShout. If MediaShout is already running, please close it and then run this tool.


  • When you run this you will see a window appear on each of your displays that shows its current function assignment (Control, Main, Stage, or Aux).
  • All of the controls are the same for each box, so whichever one appears on the monitor in front of you can be used to swap the assignment of any of the displays—simply click the buttons labeled 'Reverse ...' and you will see them exchange places!
  • If you would like the displays to be enabled as soon as you launch MediaShout, you can check the appropriate box in the lower left. 
  • Once you have the functions assigned to the displays you want, simply press the Apply button and you are finished! Go ahead and launch MediaShout.

This is a basic tool to help in those situations where MediaShout or Windows may have become confused and the program is launching to a display that you cannot see well—or at all. There are a number of other display settings that you may want or need to adjust within MediaShout itself, so for more information on those please see this article.

Download Link: Display Setup Tool


  • This tool requires administrator permission to run.
  • Occasionally the Windows Defender SmartScreen filter, your antivirus software, or your web browser may question the authenticity or safety of this file simply because it isn't sure what it is. If you have downloaded it from this page you can be assured that we have digitally signed it and it's safe. In the case of SmartScreen, simply click More Info and then Run or Run Anyway.