Advanced Network Configuration for MediaShout Remote App

While most typical WiFi router configurations will automatically allow the MediaShout remote app to connect with the MediaShout computer, some advanced network configurations will require manual adjustments to allow the required ports and protocols to be available. The following description of the connection process should provide all of the details needed to enable connection between the remote app and MediaShout.

  1. The iOS client (the app) sends a ping out on port 1818 via UDP to see if any device on the network responds.
  2. The computer running MediaShout software (the server) replies via UDP on port 1818 with a device name and TCP port number (the port number specified in the MediaShout 'Remote' settings).
  3. Once the user selects the computer from the list on the app, it then tries to connect to the MediaShout server via the TCP port specified. All communication from that point is via the TCP port.

If all of this is 'Geek' to you, don't worry. Most mere mortals don't need to make any changes to port numbers and protocols for the MediaShout Remote app to work properly. If you are connecting via a complex network that is managed by a system administrator, you will need them to make these adjustments. They speak 'Geek' and should be able to interpret the details listed!