Adding NEW stanzas to an existing Lyric

Sometimes, a user will need to add a new stanza to an existing Lyric record. The process is rather simple following the steps below.

Method 1 (useful if you are making multiple edits to multiple Lyrics)
1. From the Home Tab, click Insert Lyric.
2. Select the Lyric you wish to edit.
3. In the middle of this window you see your existing stanzas.
4. At the bottom of this section you will see a "Create New Page" button and a list of available stanzas.
5. Select the stanza you want to create and click Create New Page. (Note: as you do this, a new stanza is added to the bottom of the play order on the right side of this window. Simply drag the new stanza where it needs to go)
6. In the new stanza window, click the Pencil/Edit button.
7. Paste or type your new text.
8. When finished, click the Pencil/Edit button again
9. Click insert and Yes to save changes.

Method 2 (useful if the Lyric is already in the script)
1. Select the page where you want the new stanza to be placed after.
2. In the Cue Options section of the Ribbon, click Add Stanzas/Add New Stanza 
3. Select the Stanza type.
4. Enter the text for this stanza.
5. Click create.

Note: If you have already inserted the Lyric into the script and it displays the Yellow triangle indicating a change was made, click this button, then click Save to Library. Save your work and relaunch MediaShout. Then remove the Lyric from the script and then follow the steps above.