Moving MediaShout 6 Lyrics from Windows to Mac

Here are the steps to copy your lyric library from MediaShout 6 on a Windows computer to MediaShout 6 on a Mac.


1) On the Windows computer in MediaShout, go to the Insert Lyric window.

2) In the song list, single click to select on any song

3) Press Control + A to select all songs

4) Right-click any of the selected songs and click Export Lyrics

5) Change the file type to SSC (MediaShout scripts) using the drop-down selection box, give it a name such as "Windows Songs," and pick a location like your Desktop or a flash drive to save your song library. Press okay to export it.

6) Transport the file to the Mac via USB drive etc.

7) On MediaShout 6 for Mac, go to the Insert Lyric widow and press the gear icon in the top left and press "Add lyrics," "from files," then browse to the file you brought over and click to import it.