Auto Scroll Settings and Advancing Pages

With the new auto scroll settings in Mediashout 6 build 62, you may find that advancing through pages by double clicking sometimes causes the current page to disappear from view. You may need to scroll down to get back to the current page after you double click to fire it. If you have a smaller screen or smaller area dedicated to the pages section of the Mediashout workspace, you may need to change the auto scroll settings to avoid this behavior.

Currently the auto scroll setting affects both the script area (with cues going up and down on the left) AND the pages area, which are different sizes. We recommend to experiment with alternate auto scroll settings such as the "only when necessary" or "keep Cue at top" options.

If you are having problems with the current page disappearing from view when double clicking to fire pages, take the following steps:

1) Go to the Settings Tab on the ribbon bar

2) Go to General Settings button to the top left

3) Go to the Script tab on the window

4) Change the "Scroll Script to..." option to either "only when necessary" or "keep Cue at top" depending on your preference