MediaShout 6 License Update 2020 (Customer Receives "Product Expired" When Activating MediaShout 6)

TL/DR (Summary): As of 1/14/20, if you are currently using MediaShout 6 software, you will need to download and install an update to continue using the software, but you will normally be given plenty of warning before it stops working.

Important Note: If you know that you have an offline activation, and your computer is not normally connected to the internet for long periods of time, you will not need to update, and you should not do so.


When we created MediaShout 7, one of the big changes that we implemented was moving to a new activation system. In this era of widespread internet access, we have to be vigilant to protect our software from piracy while creating systems that make life as simple and easy for our customers, and there are several ways that this new system has been better for both our customers to use, and for us to manage.

With those benefits in mind, we are excited to announce that we have migrated MediaShout 6 to use this new activation system as well! While this will require all version 6 customers to update their software, we have worked hard to make this transition as seamless and easy as possible for everyone. The vast majority of MediaShout 6 users will simply need to download and run the update and then launch the software as usual--you will not even be required to re-activate!

If you do not install the update, the worst case that we anticipate will be that your current MediaShout 6 will begin to warn you that you need to connect to the internet within two weeks before it automatically locks you out. This happens because our previous activation system is now offline, and we designed v6 to provide a grace period in these cases to avoid sudden and unexpected deactivation of your software. If you see this warning, you will need to install the update as soon as possible to avoid the software deactivating itself.

Part of our excitement about this move is that the founder of our new activation partner was already an existing MediaShout user long before we met! He and his team understand our customers and have worked closely with us to create a better activation experience for all of you, and we are very grateful to be working with them.

As with any change, there is always the possibility that some customers may have a more challenging update experience, but please know that we are standing by to help in any way possible. And while your system may not trigger the need for this update immediately, we would strongly encourage you to update as soon as you can to avoid the possibility of a last-minute problem.

As mentioned above, the one group of users who do not need to update--and who should not try to update--are those who have used the offline activation process. Other than the activation system, there are no other changes to MediaShout 6 in this update, so there is no reason to update. Your activation will continue to work as it has been.

We are always on the lookout for ways to assist our customers, and this change is no different. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues and we will be glad to help!


We always advise to complete updates during the week when you have plenty of time before services, just in case an issue arises. While the update is not URGENT for most users, we recommend completing it by January 2020 to prevent any period of not having access to your program.


  • If MediaShout 6 is currently running on your computer, close it.
  • Click the "Download Now" button to begin the download for a new installer.
  • Once the file has completed downloading, run the file. It will install over top of your previous version. You will NOT lose any information.


MAC USERS: Please note you may have to click to "Allow" the installation in Mac System Preferences / Security & Privacy *after* you double click to run the installation package. This is a security feature of the OS and affects many other software packages, not just MediaShout.