Changing Orientation or Rotation of Videos in MediaShout 6

There are times when you may find that your video is upside down or in the wrong orientation when inserting into MediaShout 6.  Normally, this is caused when someone records a video from their smartphone, like an iPhone.  Sometimes, when you record a video on your iPhone in horizontal mode, for example, the gimbal inside the iPhone doesn't register that you went from a vertical orientation to a horizontal one and records in the wrong orientation.  You may even see that if you play that video in Windows, it plays in the correct orientation.  But, when pulling it into MediaShout 6, it is incorrect.  Windows can many times understand that it is incorrect and flip it for you.  However, MediaShout does not have that capability.  But, there are ways to fix this!


Go back to the original device that it was created on.  If it was an iPhone:

1.  Open up Photos on the iPhone

2.  Tap "Edit"

3.  At the bottom, to the left of "Revert" is an icon that looks like a cropping icon with circular arrows.  Tap that.

4.  In the top left corner, tap the square with the circular arrow.  When you do, you will see the video change orientation.

5.  Tape "Done" and re-send the video where you to send it to.


OR, if you cannot go back to the original device where the video was recorded from:

Here are a few free website options that will help rotate the video correctly for you:





If you have a video editor, you can rotate it this way.  Some Windows machines have Windows Movie Maker that can help rotate the video.